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Coordinates: 31°57′S 115°52′E / 31.95°S 115.86°E / -31.95; 115.86

Satellite image of the Perth metropolitan region at night; north is at the left and south at the right.

The Perth metropolitan region or the Perth metropolitan area is the administrative area and geographical extent of the Western Australian capital city of Perth and its conurbation.

It generally includes the coastal strip from Two Rocks in the north to Singleton in the south, and inland to The Lakes in the east,[1] but its extent can be defined in a number of ways:

The Perth metropolitan region is grouped with the Peel region in some urban planning documents including the Western Australian Planning Commission's Directions 2031 and Beyond and the Perth and Peel@3.5 million suite of documents. Together, the Perth and Peel regions stretch 158 kilometres (98 mi) from Two Rocks in the north to Herron in the south and are currently home to more than two million people.[6]

Subregions and local government areas[edit]

Local government areas of the Perth metropolitan region (Metropolitan Region Scheme)

According to the Metropolitan Region Scheme, the Perth metropolitan region comprises the following 5 subregions and 30 local government areas (20 cities, 3 shires, and 7 towns):[7]

Inner Metro Area (19 LGAs)[edit]

Cities (11)

Shire (1)

Towns (7)

North-eastern Outer Metro Area (3 LGAs)[edit]

Cities (2)

Shire (1)

North-western Outer Metro Area (2 LGAs)[edit]

Cities (2)

South-eastern Outer Metro Area (3 LGAs)[edit]

Cities (2)

Shire (1)

South-western Outer Metro Area (3 LGAs)[edit]

Cities (3)


According to a 2019 report from the Ipsos Life in Australia project, Perth's Inner Metro Area was rated the most livable metropolitan area in Australia.[9]

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  1. ^ The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development includes the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale in the Peel region instead.[8]


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