Pertjajah Luhur

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The Pertjajah Luhur (PL) is a Javanese political party in Suriname. At the last legislative elections (25 May 2010), the party was part of the People's Alliance for Progress that won 13.0% of the popular vote and six out of 51 seats in the National Assembly. Out of these six seats, all went to the PL. Paul Somohardjo is the leader of the party.

Pertjajah Luhur traces its origins to the Pendawa Lima party founded in 1977.

Members of the National Assembly[edit]

  • Paul Somohardjo
  • Diepakkoemar Chitan
  • Martha Djojoseparto
  • Soetimin Marsidh
  • Hendrik Sakimin
  • Ronny Tamsiran