Peru at the 1936 Summer Olympics

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Peru at the
1936 Summer Olympics
Flag of Peru (1825-1950).svg
IOC code PER
NOC Peruvian Olympic Committee
Website (Spanish)
in Berlin
Competitors 40 (all men) in 8 sports
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 0 0 0
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

Peru competed in the Summer Olympic Games for the first time at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin,[1] Germany. 40 competitors, all men, took part in 16 events in 8 sports.[2] Peru's participation in the Olympic Games forced the authorities to suspend the Peruvian football league for 1936.

Football controversy[edit]

1936 Berlin Summer Olympics team. Front: Adelfo Magallanes, Jorge Alcalde, Teodoro Fernández, José Morales, and Alejandro Villanueva. Back: Carlos Tovar, Víctor Guarderas Lavalle, Juan Valdivieso, Arturo Fernández, Segundo Castillo, and Orestes Jordán.

Austria played Peru in an astonishing game leading to a huge political row.

Time Magazine reported: In Lima President Oscar Benavides of Peru last week addressed an angry crowd: "I have just received cables from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico supporting the Peruvian attitude against the crafty Berlin decision." The crowd, which had already torn an Olympic flag, gathered to listen to more speeches at the Plaza San Martin. Later it threw stones to the German Consulate's windows until police arrived in trucks. At Callao, Lima's seaport, workmen on the docks refused to load two German vessels.

The "crafty Berlin decision" concerned a soccer game on the fortnight in which the Peruvians overturned a 2-goal deficit against Austria to take the tie into extra-time and win the match 4-2, with a goal scored in the last minute of extra-time. After the game, Austria argued that Peruvian players had manhandled them, and that spectators, one of them brandishing a revolver, had swarmed down on the field. FIFA ordered the game replayed behind closed doors, so Peru's whole Olympic team of 40 promptly withdrew from the Games in protest; the game was awarded to Austria by default.[3] Said Miguel Dasso of the Peruvian Olympic Committee: "We've no faith in European athletics. We have come here and found a bunch of merchants."


Athlete Events Heat Quarterfinal Semifinal Final Rank
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result
Antonio Cuba Men's 100 metres 5 Did not advance
Francisco Valdez Bravo Men's 800 metres 7 N/A Did not advance
Carlos Marcerano Men's 800 metres 2:00:8 6 N/A Did not advance



Miguel Godoy, Luis Jacob, Roberto Rospigliosi, Koko Cárdenas, Fernando Ruiz, "Canon" Ore, Jose Carlos Godoy, Armando Rossi, Rolando Bacigalupo, Manuel Fiestas, Willy Dasso, Antuco Flecha (Coach: Pedro Vera)

First Round

August 7
5:00 pm
Peru Peru 35–22 Egypt Egypt
Tennis Stadium, Berlin
Referees: T. Suvoong (China)

Second Round

August 9
5:00 pm
Peru Peru 29–21 Taiwan China
Tennis Stadium, Berlin
Referees: V. Ugolini (Italy)

Third Round

Peru was awarded a bye to the next round.

Fourth Round

Poland won by walk-over and was awarded 2 points.

Poland Poland 2–0 Peru Peru

Fifth Place Match

Uruguay won by walk-over and was awarded 2 points.

Uruguay Uruguay 2–0 Peru Peru


Cycling (road) pictogram.svg Road[edit]


Peru finished without a time during the team road race.

Rider Event Time Rank
Manuel Bacigalupo Road race no time
Gregorio Caloggero Road race no time
José Mazzini Road race no time
César Peñaranda Road race no time

Times were not recorded for any of the four competing athletes because they finished after the 16th place.

Cycling (track) pictogram.svg Track[edit]

Athlete Event Round One Round 1
Round 2 Round 3 Semifinals Final Bronze medal race
Speed (km/h)
Rank Opposition
Rank Opposition
José Mazzini Men's sprint  Karl Magnussen (DEN)
 L, L
2  Dunc Gray (AUS)
 L, L
 Ted Clayton (RSA)
 L, L
3 Did not advance


Athlete Events Preliminary Semifinal Final
Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank
Alfredo Alvarez 3 m springboard DNF 24


First Round

August 6, 1936
Peru  7–3  Finland
Fernández Goal 17' Goal 33' Goal 47' Goal 49' Goal 70'
Villanueva Goal 21' Goal 67'
Report Kanerva Goal 42' (pen.)
Grönlund Goal 75'
Larvo Goal 80'
Berlin Hertha-BSC-Platz

Referee: Rinaldo Barlassina (ITA)

Attendance: 2.500

Quarter finals

August 8, 1936
Peru  4–2 (a.e.t.) 1  Austria
Alcalde Goal 75'
Villanueva Goal 81' Goal 117'
Fernández Goal 119'
Report Wergin Goal 23'
Steinmetz Goal 37'
Berlin Hertha-BSC-Platz

Referee: Thoralf Kristiansen (NOR)

Attendance: 5.000


August 10, 1936
Peru  0–2  Austria
Berlin Poststadion

Referee: Rinaldo Barlassina (ITA)

Attendance: 0

1 Due to a pitch invasion, the match was declared null and void, and ordered to be replayed on August 10. Peru objected to the replay decision and withdrew from the tournament.

Modern pentathlon[edit]

One male pentathlete represented Peru in 1936.

Athlete Shooting
(10 m air pistol)
(épée one touch)
(200 m freestyle)
(show jumping)
(3000 m)
Total points Final rank
Score Rank MP points Results Rank MP points Time Rank MP points Penalties Rank MP points Time Rank MP points
José Escribens DNF




Athlete Event Score Rank
Jorge Patiño 50 m rifle prone 287 51


Athlete Event Heat Semifinal Final
Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank
Arturo Alvarez 100 m freestyle 1:04.9 7 Did not advance
Juan Paz 100 m freestyle 1:05.6 7 Did not advance
Walter Ledgard 400 m freestyle 5:05.5 2 DNF 7 Did not advance


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