Perumpadappu (Malappuram district)

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Perumbadappu is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 10.7019165°0′0″N 75.9861404°0′0″E / 10.70192°N 75.98614°E / 10.70192; 75.98614Coordinates: 10.7019165°0′0″N 75.9861404°0′0″E / 10.70192°N 75.98614°E / 10.70192; 75.98614
Country  India
State Kerala
District Malappuram
 • Official Malayalam, English

Perumbadappu is a village located in Malappuram district, Kerala state, India. It is situated 15 kilometers south of Ponnani, bordering Thrissur district.

Perumbadappu was the original homeland of the Cochin rulers. When the king of Calicut annexed the region, the rulers of Permbadappu fled to Cranganore. Later, they again changed their base to Cochin in the early 15th century, thus naming their state Kingdom of Cochin.

There is Perumbadappu Puthan Palli where Andu Nercha attracts thousands of pilgrims. The Nercha culminates in food distribution (neichor (ghee rice)) to the poor.[1]


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