Peruvazhiyambalam (novel)

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Peruvazhiyambalam (novel).jpg
AuthorP. Padmarajan
Cover artistVinod
GenreLiterature Novel
PublisherD. C. Books
Publication date
1979 September

Peruvazhiyambalam is a Malayalam novel written by Padmarajan.[1][2] In 1978, it was adapted for a feature film also called Peruvazhiyambalam directed by Padmarajan. This novel is about teenager Raman who kills Prabhakaran Pillai, a local thug in self-defense. It describes his escape from the village by the help of Prabhakaran Pillai's enemies and how he comes in terms with the life at the shelter provided by them. This is a novel which looks at the teenage mind and its guilt towards crime and its aftermath.


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