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Peruvian Cancer Foundation is a Peruvian cancer charity founded on November 22, 1960. It carries out different activities in the fields of education, prevention, research, diagnosis and social support.

Governing bodies[edit]

The organisation's boards of governors are the Board of Patrons, the Board of Directors and the General Management. The Peruvian Cancer Foundation is also supervised by an agency of the Peruvian Ministry of Justice of Peru called the Supervisory Board of Foundations.

Board of Patrons[edit]

  • Dr. Eduardo Cáceres Graziani
  • Dr. Teresa Pasco de Aysanoa
  • Mr. Manlio Porcari Toscani
  • Dr. Augusto Ferrero Costa
  • Ing. Oscar Gonzalez Rocha
  • Mrs. Isabel Ferreyros De Miró Quesada
  • Mrs. Maria Jesús Hume Hurtado
  • Mr. Radamés Eduardo Minetto Banchero
  • Ing. Ricardo Cilloniz Champing
  • Mr. Juan Bautista Isola de la Peña

Board of Directors[edit]

  • Dr. Eduardo Payet Meza
  • Mr. Felipe Barclay Piazza
  • Dr. Eduardo Cáceres Graziani
  • Mr. Aldo Defilippi Traverso
  • Mr. Humberto Allemant Salazar
  • Mrs. Milagros Piaggio de Tejeda
  • Ms. Jimena de la Quintana

General Management[edit]

  • Dr. José Alberto Del Corral Parodi

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