Peruvian Communist Party

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Peruvian Communist Party
Partido Comunista Peruano
PresidentRoberto de la Cruz Huamán
Secretary-GeneralLuis Villanueva
FounderJosé Carlos Mariátegui
Founded1928 (PSP)
1930 (PCP)
HeadquartersLima, Peru
Youth wingPeruvian Communist Youth
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
National affiliationTogether for Peru
Regional affiliationSão Paulo Forum
International affiliationIMCWP[1]

The Peruvian Communist Party (Spanish: Partido Comunista Peruano, abbr. PCP) is a communist party in Peru that was founded in 1928 by José Carlos Mariátegui, under the name Socialist Party of Peru (Partido Socialista del Perú, PSP). The party changed its name in 1930. In contemporary Peruvian politics, the party is often referred to as the PCP (Unity), to distinguish it from other communist parties that have splintered from the original party, such as the Communist Party of Peru (Red Fatherland), the Communist Party of Peru (Marxist–Leninist) and the Communist Party of Peru (Shining Path).

Jorge del Prado was the general secretary between 1966 and 1991. In 1980 the PCP and other left-wing groups formed the United Left.

The main political base of the PCP is currently located at Plaza Ramón Castilla, Lima and is led by Roberto de La Cruz Huamán. PCP publishes Unidad (Unity) and Nuestra Bandera (Our Flag).

In the 2011 general election the party took part in the successful Peru Wins alliance of Ollanta Humala.

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