Peruvian Democratic Party

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The Peruvian Democratic Party (Spanish: Partido Demócrata Peruano) is a Peruvian political party founded on 26 June 2006 by former Union for Peru (UPP) members following differences with that party.

Elected Congress members Carlos Torres Caro, Gustavo Espinoza and Rocío González left UPP after the defeat of the party's presidential ticket, led by Ollanta Humala and featuring Torres Caro as candidate to Second Vice-President, in the Second Round (runoff) of the 2006 national election. The rift arose when Humala called on radical left groups to join a "People's Democratic and Nationalist Front" ("Frente Nacionalista Democrático y Popular"), to be led by UPP and Humala's own Peruvian Nationalist Party.

Torres Caro is the party's leader and most prominent member, having not only been on UPP's presidential ticket, but also having obtained the most individual votes from UPP's congressional candidates.