Peruvian Humanist Party

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Peruvian Humanist Party
Partido Humanista Peruano
Leader Yehude Simon
Ideology Humanism
Political position Center-left
National affiliation Alliance for the Great Change

The Peruvian Humanist Party (Spanish: Partido Humanista Peruano, formerly Peruvian Humanist Movement Party) is a Humanist Peruvian political party, and a former member of the Decentralization Coalition together with the Partido por la Democracia Social - Compromiso Perú. The PMHP won the regional elections of 2001 for the northern region of Lambayeque.

In 2008, Yehude Simon of PMHP became prime minister of Peru under Alan García. He resigned less than a year later.

For the Peruvian general election, 2011 the party joined the Alliance for the Great Change of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, that won 12 seats in Congress, making Yehude Simon a congressman for Lambayeque Region.

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