Peruvian migration to Japan

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Peruvians in Japan
Peruanos en Japón
Zainichi Perūjin
Total population
60,000 (2016)
Regions with significant populations
Greater Tokyo Area, Chūkyō Metropolitan Area (near Nagoya)[1]
Related ethnic groups
Peruvian people, Japanese people, Japanese Peruvians, Brazilians in Japan

There were estimated to be 60,000 Peruvians in Japan as of 2016. The majority of them are descendants of earlier Japanese immigrants to Peru.[2]

Migration history[edit]

In 1990, Japan introduced a new ethnicity-based immigration policy which aimed to encourage Japanese descendants overseas to come to Japan and fill the country's need for foreign workers.[2] From 1992 to 1997, data from Peru's Ministry of the Interior showed Japan as the fourteenth-most popular destination for Peruvian emigrants, behind the Netherlands and ahead of Costa Rica.[3]


  • International Press (newspaper)
  • IPC (television station)


There are the following Peruvian international schools (ペルー学校) in Japan:

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