Peruvian passport

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Peruvian passport
Biometric Passport Peru.jpg
The front cover of the Peruvian biometric passport.
Date first issued 8 July 2016
Issued by  Peru, Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Peruvian citizenship
Expiration Two or five years
Cost S/ 98.50 (33 US dollars approx.)

A Peruvian passport is a travel document issued to citizens of Peru with the purpose of identification and to travel outside the country. It is issued by the Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones, the Peruvian immigration and naturalization authority, which is part of the Ministry of the Interior of Peru.

Physical appearance[edit]

Peruvian passports are burgundy red, with the coat of arms of Peru emblazoned on the front cover. The words "COMUNIDAD ANDINA" (English: Andean Community) and "REPÚBLICA DEL PERÚ" (English: Republic of Peru) are inscribed above the coat of arms. Below the coat of arms, the words "PASAPORTE" (English: passport) and "PASSPORT" are visible. Since 2016 biometric passports were issued to Peruvian citizens.

Visa requirements for Peruvian citizens[edit]

A minimum of 86 countries and territories granted visa free or visa on arrival access to regular Peruvian passport holders, and 36 of them are visa free accessible.

Applying for a Peruvian passport[edit]

To apply for a Peruvian passport you will need your national ID (DNI) and the proof of the payment for the passport fee. Then with both documents you will have to enter the Migraciones website and get an appointment (normally you will get it the same day). You need to take you DNI and the proof of payment of the fee to the appointment to apply for the passport. There are no forms needed or to be filled. The passport is issued the same day of the appointment.

For Peruvians living abroad, they will need to go to a Peruvian Consulate. Issuing abroad lasts about 2 to 4 weeks.

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