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Peruvian Uruguayans are mostly Peruvian-born persons living in Uruguay. There are as well some Uruguayan-born persons of Peruvian descent.

Peruvian immigrants started arriving in Uruguay around 1990, mainly by land.[1] The 2011 Uruguayan census revealed 1,433 people who declared Peru as their country of birth;[2][3] other sources state that there are some 2,000[4] to 3,000 Peruvians living and working in Uruguay, mostly in fisheries or as domestic servants.[1]

As of 2013, Peruvians represent one of the most dynamic immigration flows in Uruguay.[4] Yet most of them still live in poverty;[5] only 125 are registered in the Uruguayan social security.[6] Rather than fully assimilating into Uruguayan mainstream society, they tend to represent an example of multiculturalism.[1]

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