Pesawaran Regency

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Pesawaran Regency
Country Indonesia
Province Lampung
Capital Gedong Tataan
 • Total 1,173.77 km2 (453.20 sq mi)
 • Total 418,256
 • Density 360/km2 (920/sq mi)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Pesawaran Regency is a regency of Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia. The capital lies at Gedong Tataan, it was formerly part of South Lampung Regency until 2007.


In September 2010, a number of people in Umbul Baru were rushed to a community health center after consuming water poisoned by industrial waste which was allegedly dumped in the Cikantor River by the gold mining company PT Napal Umbar Picung (NUP).[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

It is divided administratively into 7 districts (kecamatan):

  1. Gedong Tataan
  2. Kedondong
  3. Negeri Katon
  4. Padang Cermin
  5. Punduh Pidada
  6. Tegineneng
  7. Way Lima
  8. Way Rilau
  9. Way Ratai, Pesawaran


  1. ^ "Environment Watch: Lampung gold mines 'polluting' waters". Jakarta Post. 3 September 2010. Retrieved 22 February 2011. 

Coordinates: 5°25′47″S 105°10′44″E / 5.4298°S 105.1790°E / -5.4298; 105.1790