Pest Control (Doctor Who)

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Pest Control
Pest Control.jpg
AuthorPeter Anghelides
Audio read byDavid Tennant
SeriesDoctor Who
New Series Adventures
Release number
PublisherBBC Audio
Publication date
8 May 2008
Media typeAudiobook
Audio CD & Digital Download (150 minutes)
ISBN978-1-4056-7819-3 (Audio CD)
9781405608695 (Digital Download)
Followed byThe Forever Trap 

Pest Control is an exclusive to audio[1] Doctor Who story, produced as part of BBC Books' New Series Adventures line, and the first entry in the series to be produced. Written by author Peter Anghelides[2] and read by series star David Tennant,[1] it is also the first non-televised Doctor Who adventure to feature the companion Donna Noble[1][3] (the first standard printed books featuring her were released in autumn 2008). Pest Control was released on CD on 8 May 2008[1] and is also available for download.[2]

The story is accompanied by an original soundtrack and sound effects created by Simon Hunt.[2]


The Doctor and Donna land on the distant planet of Rescension and find themselves caught in a war between humans and the centaur-like Aquabi. When a far greater threat emerges, the Doctor must convince the two sides to work together before they are all wiped out.



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