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Pestszentlőrinc (German: Sanktlorenz), Saint Lawrence of Pest, the 18th district of Budapest (Hungarian: Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre, aka Budapest XVIII. kerülete) is situated at the south-eastern part of the city. It is made up of two earlier distinct towns: Pestszentlőrinc and Pestszentimre.

The population of the district today is around 100.000 and this amount is divided between the two divisions as 80%-20%. The area joined Budapest shortly after World War II (see Great-Budapest).

Budapest's international airport (Ferihegy Airport), the Hungarian Meteorological Service and the Central Atmospheric Institute are located here.


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Coordinates: 47°26′N 19°12′E / 47.433°N 19.200°E / 47.433; 19.200