Pet Bottle Ningen

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Pet Bottle Ningen are an avant-garde band formed New York City in 2009.[1] They have played at various locations in the United States, particularly in New York, such as John Zorn's The Stone, and have also toured internationally, particularly Tokyo.[2] Their self-titled album was released in the Tzadik Spotlight series.[3][4] Deli Magazine describes them as "Exactly what a hardcore vegan, hot-shit jazz drummer, and Japanese child prodigy should sound like: intense, marginalized, replete with comedic moments of the socially dubious kind, a damn entertaining road trip. "[5]


  • Dave Scanlon (guitar)
  • Dave Miller (drums)
  • Nonoko Yoshida (sax).


  • Pet Bottle Ningen[6]
  • Non-Recyclable[6]


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