Pet Shop (film)

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Pet Shop
Directed byHope Perello
Written byBrent V. Friedman
Mark Goldstein
Greg Suddeth
Produced byAlbert Band
Charles Band
Debra Dion
Pete von Sholly
StarringTerry Kiser
Marcella Avila
Joanne Baron
Cody Burger
Alfred Dennis
Leigh Ann Orsi
CinematographyKaren Grossman
Edited byLauren A. Schaffer
Music byReg Powell
Distributed byMoonbeam Entertainment
Release date
  • December 23, 1994 (1994-12-23)
Running time
88 min.
CountryUnited States

Pet Shop is a 1994 science fantasy children's film by Moonbeam Entertainment. The film's plot involves an alien couple that comes to Earth in disguise.


An alien couple comes to Earth disguised as a cowboy and cowgirl and buy a pet shop from its owner in an attempt to kidnap children and sell them to fellow aliens as slaves. They look like normal people aside from the fact that they have a third eye on their foreheads which they cover with their hats. One by one, they give some pets to random kids free of charge. The pets at first seem normal, until they change into their alien forms. The kids meet when they return to the pet shop because their pets stop eating and need some type of "vitamins" that the aliens feed them.


  • Terry Kiser as Joe Yeagher
  • Leigh Ann Orsi as Dena Yeagher
  • Spencer Vrooman as Mike
  • Joanne Baron as Marilyn Yeagher
  • David Wagner as Charlie Yeagher
  • Jane Morris as Mrs. Zimm
  • Jeff Michalski as Mr. Zimm
  • Shashawnee Hall as Marshall Dave
  • Sabrina Wiener as Alexis
  • Cody Burger as Nicky
  • Leonardo Vincent Surdo as Curly
  • Nino Surdo as Babe
  • John La Motta as Tony Marino
  • Alfred Dennis as Barney
  • Marcella Avila as Gwen
  • Mark Goldstein as a proprietor
  • Taylor Donlan as Nicky’s mother
  • Traci Link as a teenage girl
  • Marykate Cunningham as a customer


Originally intended for a release in the summer of 1994, the film ended up being released on videocassette on March 28, 1995, though it did get released on video in Australia in December 1994. Full Moon released a new remastered Blu-Ray on December 11, 2018.

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