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Peta Hewitt (born 1966) is the Australian artist best known for her YouTube channel (in 2015) and her long running science-fantasy series Terinu (both in print and on-line) (in 1996) for which she is both writer and artist.


Peta started creating YouTube content in 2015, where she reviews 'Adult Colouring Books' providing her viewers with a detailed look at the Colouring books, its pages as well providing hints and tips and show casing her completed pictures. Peta has branched out into Art Supply reviews and Tutorials about colouring.


Peta's First comic was Snowy Sam, this was a children's comic featuring the adventure of Snowy Sam and his sled team as they dealt with several environmental issues faced in the north pole. The Snowy Sam Comics where feature in several dog magazines across the US and Europe.

Terinu is Peta's most well known comic this was provide on-line as well as in printed format (in 1996), although this was taken down in 2012 it return in 2014 and is still available for reading. Peta is no longer writing Terinu, but has stated that she would like to complete the current and final story arc.

Personal life[edit]

Peta was born in Geelong in 1966 to James and Marjory Little, she is one of 7 brothers (2) and sisters (5). Peta attended Norlane High School and graduated in 1984. She married Wayne Hewitt in September 1992 and they have 3 children.

Peta Attained a Bachelors of Nursing in 1989 From the Geelong Hospital School of Nursing. Peta is currently employed as a nurse for Barwon Health.

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