Petar Dobrnjac

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Petar Dobrnjac

Petar Teodorović (Serbian Cyrillic: Петар Теодоровић; 1771–1831), known as Petar Dobrnjac (Петар Добрњац) was a Serbian Vojvoda in the First Serbian Uprising. He was born in the Požarevac nahija, in the village of Dobrinji, Petrovac. In his youth, he was a hajduk, and later a trader in farm animals.

Role in the Uprising[edit]

In 1804, the year of the First Serbian Uprising, he was a Buljubaša, the commander of a četa (company), under Milenko Stojković. In 1805 he took part in the Battle of Ivankovac against Hafiz-paša, after which the Правитељствујушчи совјет awarded him the rank of Bimbaša (a commander of 1000 men) and Vojvoda. On his initiative Serbs came to idea to fortify them self in the battle of Ivankovac, what was crucial for Serbian victory. After the Battle of Deligrad in 1806 against Ibrahim Bushati, pasha of Scutari, he became one of the most important men in Serbia.