Petar Gligorovski

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Petar Gligorovski
Born Perica Gligorović
(1938-02-03)February 3, 1938
Skopje, Yugoslavia
Died December 4, 1995(1995-12-04) (aged 57)
Skopje, Macedonia
Occupation Film Director, animator, editor
Years active 1963—1995

Petar Gligorovski (Cyrillic: Петар Глигоровски; born: Perica Gligorović, Cyrillic: Перица Глигоровић; 1938–1995, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia) was a Yugoslav and Macedonian academic painter and an animated movies director.

Education and Career[edit]

After receiving an education on Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and specialization of animation in Zagreb, he started authoring animated films for TV Skopje from 1963–1968. He was the author of the first Macedonian animated film titled "embryo No.M".[1] He was a leading representative of contemporary Macedonian animation, which is awarded at festivals in Berlin, Oberhausen, New York.[2]

Prior to his shift cinema, he was one of the pioneers of Yugoslav comics in the 1950s and a technical animator mostly working within the prestigious Zagreb-centered circle of animators. He created several movies, a number of technique-experimental unaccounted footage and left two unfinished projects designed under auspices of the production house "Vardar Film".[citation needed]

The hallmarks of his movies, all of which are technically authored with polychromatic, predominantly biomorph shapes in recurring and subdued patterns, constituted a unique and recognizable style. Thematically the movies express universal combined mythical themes (birth, fall of man, apocalypse, phoenix), through broad ranges of visual allegories and metaphors. In some of authors works, documentary sequences were embedded, in line with symbolic augmentation of script's leitmotiv, rather than for reasons of visual appeal or exploration of technical limits.[3]

Artistic Works[edit]

Adam: 5 do 12 (1977)

Among his main works are:[1]

-Na Vrhu, 1969 (art director, with Ante Šamanić)

As director, scriptwriter, scenographer and animator:


Gligorovski was awarded the following awards:[1]

  • 1971 YFDSF, Belgrade, Special Diploma for direction of animated film / “Embrion № M”
  • 1977 IFF, Annecy, The First Special Award / “Feniks”
  • 1977 IFF, Berlin, Silver Bear / “Feniks”
  • 1977 YFDSF, Belgrade, Golden Medal-Belgrade / “Adam: 5 do 12”
  • 1982 YFDSF, Belgrade, Special Charter for the pioneer and creative work in the field of animation


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