Petar Kichashki

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Petar Kichashki
Born 12.07.1989
Nationality Bulgarian
Alma mater New Bulgarian University
Organization The Institute of Modern Politics

Petar Kichashki (Bulgarian: Петър Кичашки) is a Bulgarian jurist, human rights advocate, public figure, executive-director of the Institute of Modern Politics,[1] co-founder of the civil society "Modern Bulgaria" movement,[2] author of more than 200 articles. In 2017 was appointed as a member of the Bulgarian Commission for Protection Against Discrimination from the Bulgarian president Rumen Radev.


Petar Kichashki is born in Vidin, Bulgaria in July the 12th 1989. Graduates from the Mathematical high school in his hometown and then finishes "Law" in New Bulgarian University. Specializes online courses provided by Yale, Stanford, Northwestern and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Moral foundation of politics, Surveillance law, Content strategy and Digital marketing). Between 2012 and 2013 he is serving as South Regional Coordinator for the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) coordinating the work of the Network in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, San Marino, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria and Armenia.[3] From 2012 is a member of the Consultancy board and from 2014 is working as an executive-director of the Institute of Modern Politics. In 2017 was appointed as a member of the Bulgarian Commission for Protection Against Discrimination from the Bulgarian president Rumen Radev. Married.

Political activities[edit]

One of the founders of the "Modern Bulgaria" Movement. Member of the Initiative Committee for a referendum with two questions:

  1. Recalling of municipal counselors, mayors and members of the Parliament;
  2. Enabling the people to have the option of filling a complaint in front of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court

As an activist of the "Modern Bulgaria" Movement[4] he participates in the parliamentary elections in 2013. At the European elections in 2014 he is a spokesman of the "Modern Bulgaria for Fair Elections"[5] campaign which gathers 2722 civil society observers to secure fair and transparent elections in 3011 sections in 16 provinces in the country. "Modern Bulgaria for Fair Elections" creates a special report with recommendations. At the parliamentary elections in 2014 he, together with Borislav Tsekov, are civil candidates in the lists of socialist party BSP.

Human rights activism[edit]

Lead and win more than 20 cases in front of the Bulgarian Commission for Protection Against Discrimination. Files a complain in 2009 against the Bishop of the Troyan monastery for banishing him and other persons with disabilities from the monastery.[6] Wins the special prize of the jury of the awards "Human of the Year" - "Activist for 2010".[7] In 2011 starts a case against the Ministry of Health in regards with a regulation that may lead to the legal conclusion that the persons with disabilities in Bulgaria may not get married. The Commission for Protection Against Discrimination decides that these regulation may not lead to the feared consequences which led to certainty in the legal system. He leads the team of experts which drafts the annual human rights report of the Institute of Modern Politics.

Other activities[edit]

Former member of the Board of the Associate of the Recycling Industry. Organized a lot of public actions including protests with more than 10 000 people and hundreds of heavy trucks against the prepared from the 41st Bulgarian Parliament Environmental Act. Ex-chair of the Vidin-based pressure group "Rebirth of Vidin". Led a lot of protests in regional, national and human rights topics. Hosted the "Tag from the networks with Kichashki" show in BGNES TV which is the largest Bulgarian news agency. Authored more than 200 articles and was interviewed by different international media on various subjects.[8][9][10]