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Pete Davies is an English author of history and sports.


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Booknotes interview with Davies on American Road, September 2, 2002, C-SPAN

He wrote American Road: The Story of an Epic Transcontinental Journey at the Dawn of the Motor Age about the 1919 Motor Transport Corps convoy, for which Davies visited sites along the Lincoln Highway.[1][2] His newspaper clippings are part of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.[3]

Davies' All Played Out, an eyewitness account of the England men's football team at the 1990 World Cup,[4][5][6][7] was adapted into One Night in Turin, a documentary film, in 2010.[8] The original book has been described as "the best football book ever written".[9]

In 1994–95, Davies turned his attentions to women's football and spent the season with Doncaster Belles while writing I Lost my Heart to the Belles.

Davies settled in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where in 2010 he worked at the local Sainsbury's supermarket and had a season ticket for Huddersfield Town.[10]



  • (1986) Last Election
  • (1989) Dollarville
  • (2017) Playlist


  • (1990) All Played Out
  • (1992) Storm Country: A Journey to the Heart of America
  • (1994) Twenty-Two Foreigners in Funny Shorts: The Intelligent Fan's Guide to Soccer and World Cup '94
  • (1996) I Lost My Heart to The Belles
  • (1998) This England
  • (1998) Mad Dogs and English Women
  • (1999) Catching Cold; published in the United States as The Devil's Flu: The World's Deadliest Influenza Epidemic and the Scientific Hunt for the Virus That Caused It
  • (2001) The Devil's Music: Into the Eye of the Hurricane
  • (2002) American Road

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