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Pete Nash
OccupationGame designer

Pete Nash is a game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.


Pete Nash had worked on Chaosium fanzines.[1]:430 In 2008, Mongoose Publishing tried out two game lines intended to support Wizards of the Coast's fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons, one of which was Wraith Recon by Nash.[1]:400

Nash and Lawrence Whitaker decided to revamp Mongoose's RuneQuest game and thus they released RuneQuest II.[1]:399 Nash's Wraith Recon fantasy warfare setting received new support in RQII.[1]:399 After Mongoose's license to RuneQuest expired, Mongoose kept the game in print under the title Legend. Meanwhile, Whitaker and Nash formed a company, The Design Mechanism, to pick up the RuneQuest license and publish a sixth edition of the game in 2012. That edition remained in print until 2016, when it was retitled Mythras.

Nash has also worked for Alephtar Games.[1]:430


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