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Peter-Paul Pigmans (January 31, 1961 – August 27, 2003) was a Dutch gabber music producer, best known for his production under the pseudonym 3 Steps Ahead.

Born in Berkel and based out of Rotterdam, Pigmans' music is widely considered one of the most innovative specimens of the gabber genre;[1] while many gabber producers favor raw force and little virtuosity when creating a song, Pigmans' music always had a strong technical side, and his songs often featured atmospherical elements, an unusual thing in the genre at the time.[citation needed] He was also known for his extremely wild live shows.[citation needed]

Pigmans was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1999. On July 18, 2003 in Zaandam at the Hemkade stadium, fellow Dutch producers organized a fundraising event for him called "3 Steps Ahead 4 Life" where the cream of the Dutch gabber scene performed (for free - all income was spent on his treatment in hope of curing him) and paid respect to him.[2] A couple of weeks later, he died. Two months later the annual Thunderdome started with a one-minute silence in his memory.

He's been elected into the Thunderdome Hall of Fame.[3]


  • Step 1 (Vinyl) (1994)
  • Step 2 (Vinyl) (1994)
  • Step 3 (Vinyl) (1994)
  • Drop It (Vinyl) (1996)
  • Hakkûh (Vinyl) (1996)
  • Gangster (Vinyl) (1996)
  • It's Delicious (1997)
  • Paint It Black (1997)


  • Most Wanted & Mad (1997) Reached #35 on the Dutch album top 100[4]
  • Junkie (4 Life) (Double CD) (2000)


  • In the Name of Love - EP (Negative A Refix) (2010)

Film soundtracks[edit]

Two of his songs were used in the soundtrack for Brüno (2009): Thunderdome Till We Die and Stravinsky's Bass.[5]


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