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Peter Aalbæk Jensen, September 2010. (Photo: Lars Schmidt.)

Peter Aalbæk Jensen (born 8 April 1956 in Osted) is a Danish film producer who in 1992 with director Lars von Trier founded the Danish film company Zentropa and later its huge studio complex Filmbyen.

Zentropa is known for the Dogme95-manifesto and such projects as Dogville (2003) starring Nicole Kidman, Dancer in the Dark (2000) starring Björk, The Five Obstructions, and the Oscar-nominated After the Wedding (2006).

Peter Aalbæk Jensen has executive produced over 70 theatrical feature films and many television productions, has founded a long list of subsidiary companies and is widely regarded as the most important Danish film producer since the 1990s.[1]

In the fall of 2008, Peter Aalbæk Jensen was a judge on the Danish version of Got Talent.


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