Peter Akerovich

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Peter Akerovych (Ukrainian: Петро Акерович); (b ? d ?) - was an Eastern Orthodox metropolitan from Kiev (official title - Metropolitan of Kiev and All-Rus').

Metropolitan of Kiev from 1241 to 1245, descendant of a boyar family. He was hegumen of the Saint Saviour Monastery in Berestove and since 1240 - an Orthodox bishop.

Akerovych participated in the First Council of Lyon in 1245, where he informed the Catholic West of the Tatar threat. And was employed by Grand Prince of Kiev Mykhail Vsevolodovych in diplomatic service.

Nothing is known of Akerovych past the year 1246.


Preceded by
Joseph of Kiev
Metropolitan of Kiev and All-Rus'
Succeeded by
Cyril III of Kiev