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Peter Althin (2009)

Peter Althin is a Swedish attorney and politician and a member of the Swedish parliament for the Christian Democrats from 2002 to 2007.

Althin graduated from law school with a master's degree in law (jur. kand.) from Lund University in 1968 and joined the Swedish Bar Association in 1974. As a lawyer practicing criminal law he has defended notable clients like Tony Olsson, Mehdi Ghezali, Joy Rahman and Mijailo Mijailović. Most recently, he defended Peter Sunde at the Pirate Bay trial.

Althin is since 2002 a member of the Swedish parliament where he is a substitute in the justice committee and constitutional committee. Althin is also a member of the executive board of the Christian Democrat Party. He is also often seen in the media, not only regarding cases where he is hired as a defense attorney but also as a commentator. Despite his position as an MP he has continued his law practice, the Anna Lindh-case has been his most time-consuming so far.

Since 2009, Althin has been the chairman of the Swedish Republican Association.[1]

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