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Peter Baumann

Peter Baumann (born 1960 in Rosenheim) is a German computer scientist and professor at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, where he is head of the Large-Scale Scientific Information Systems research group in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Academic positions[edit]

Baumann is professor of Computer Science at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany and founder and CEO of rasdaman GmbH.

He is inventor and Principal Architect of the rasdaman Array DBMS, the historically first complete implementation of what today is called a "Big Data Analytics" server for large, multi-dimensional arrays. He has authored and co-authored 100+ book chapters and papers on array (aka raster) databases and further fields, and has given tutorials on raster databases worldwide.

Baumann is active in many bodies concerned with scientific data access:

Academic career[edit]

Baumann obtained a degree in Computer Science (1987) from Technical University of Munich, a doctorate (1993) in computer Science from the Department of Computer Science of the Technische Universität Darmstadt while working with Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics. He has pursued post-doctoral activities in both industry and academia, working for Softlab Group in Munich (now Cirquent) and as Assistant Head of the Knowledge Bases Research Group of FORWISS (Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge-based Systems) / Technical University of Munich where he was deputy to Prof. Rudolf Bayer, Ph.D. Among Dr. Peter Baumann's entrepreneurial activities was founding of the spin-off company rasdaman GmbH for commercialization of the world's first multi-dimensional array database system. In August 2004 he was appointed as Professor of Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen (formerly: International University Bremen).

Awards and patents[edit]

(source: Peter Baumann's homepage)

Baumann holds international patents on array databases.

Research interests[edit]

3-D cutout from an x/y/t satellite image timeseries datacube of approx. 10,000 AVHRR images

Baumann's current research interests include scalable database and Web service support for large, multi-dimensional arrays, including algebraic modeling, query language, query optimization, system architecture, and applications such as earth sciences and life sciences. As part of this research, standardization of geo raster services is being addressed. As such, it is related to dimensional databases, however with a distinct focus on spatio-temporal, multi-dimensional raster graphics data, rather than business data.

Much of his concrete work is implemented and benchmarked in the framework of the rasdaman array DBMS.


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