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Peter Beck
Peter Beck NZ portrait.jpg
Peter Beck in 2013
NationalityNew Zealand
EmployerRocket Lab

Peter Beck is a New Zealand engineer, and founder and Chief Executive of Rocket Lab.

Early life[edit]

Beck grew up in Invercargill. His father is a former museum and art gallery director and gemologist.[1] His mother is a teacher.[2]

His family loved machines.[1] He developed an interest in powerful engines as a teenager, and he spent time working on an old Mini and 'supercharging' it.[1]

As a child he wanted to build rockets when he grew up.[3] His high school careers counsellor requested a meeting with his parents because they were concerned that his dream job didn't fit any "pre-defined boxes" and was "absurdly unachievable".[3]


He describes the course of his career as "enabling me to learn more, or provide resources to ultimately build bigger and better rockets".[3]

Beck left home at 17 to become a toolmaking apprentice at Fisher & Paykel.[1][4] While working there he used the company workshop to experiment with rockets.[4]

He later worked at Industrial Research (now Callaghan Innovation).[1][3] He worked on smart materials, composites and superconductors.[4] While working there he met Stephen Tindall, who later invested in Rocket Lab.[1]

Rocket Lab[edit]

Beck established Rocket Lab in 2006.[1]


Beck has been awarded the Meritorious Medal from the Royal Aeronautical Society for service of an exceptional nature to New Zealand aviation.[5]

He was also awarded the Royal Society's Cooper Medal.[5]

In 2014, he won the Innovation in Design and Engineering Award at the NZ Innovators Awards.[2]

In 2016, he was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Beck is married to an engineer,[4] and has two children.[1]


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