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Peter Buchanan
Born 1942
Alma mater University of Cape Town
Occupation Architect

Peter Buchanan (born 1942, in Malawi) is an architect, urbanist, writer, critic, lecturer and exhibition curator.

He is best known for his series of critical essays for The Big Rethink published by The Architectural Review and for his books on architecture.

Education and work[edit]

After schooling in Zimbabwe, Buchanan studied architecture at the University of Cape Town, and after completing his degree in 1968 he worked with architects in Cape Town, first with Gabriel Fagan and then until 1971 with Revel Fox. Subsequently, he worked as architect and urban designer in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

In 1979 Buchanan took up work with The Architect's Journal and with The Architectural Review, and 1982 became The Architectural Review's deputy editor. Since 1992 he works as freelancer.

Buchanan has curated the travelling exhibitions Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Selected Projects and Ten Shades of Green for the Architectural League of New York. His books include works stemming from these exhibitions: the five volumes of Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Complete Works and Ten Shades of Green. Buchanan has also worked as a consultant on urban design projects and publications.

At the end of 2011, The Architectural Review launched "The Big Rethink", a year-long campaign of essays and events with at its core a series of monthly essays by Peter Buchanan. The essays are intended to involve architects in the challenges posed by the global economic and environmental crises. Architects are encouraged to re-evaluate the role of their profession, and to change architecture and design practice in order to meet the challenges posed by the crises while improving the quality of life.[1]

Buchanan has lectured and taught summer schools and master classes and lectured in a wide range of places including universities, and has published in journals of many countries.


"The Big Rethink" Series of The Architectural Review (AR):

Other recent publications:


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