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Peter Ghislain Nathaniel Curzon, 4th Viscount Scarsdale (born 6 March 1949) is the eldest son of the 3rd Viscount Scarsdale, to whose titles he succeeded in 2000, and his first wife, the former Solange Yvonne Palmyre Ghislaine Hanse.[1]


Lord Scarsdale has five siblings, the two youngest being from his father's second marriage to Helene Thomson:

  • John Daniel Curzon (born and died 1952)
  • Annette Yvonne Curzon (born 28 October 1953; married Captain Hani Talaat Latief in 1979)
  • David James Curzon (born 3 February 1958; married Ruth Linton in 1981)
  • Richard Francis Nathaniel Curzon (30 January 1969; married Emma R H Maguire in 1999)
  • James Fergus Nathaniel Curzon (12 September 1970)


Lord Scarsdale has been twice married, his spouses being:

  • Karen Osbourne, a miner's daughter, whom he married in 1983 and divorced in 1996. They had one child:
  • Michelle Reynolds, a former prostitute,[2] whom he married in 1996 and later divorced[3][2]

The viscount's present companion is an American divorcée, Denise Bussert.[2]


Lord Scarsdale has given up his share of the family seat in Kedleston in a dispute over his inheritance and now lives in Eastbourne, England.[4]

His half-brother Richard Curzon now resides in the apartments reserved for the family at Kedleston Hall.[5] His stepmother, the Dowager Viscountess, resides at the vicarage.[6]


Coat of arms of Peter Curzon, 4th Viscount Scarsdale
A Coronet of a Viscount
A Popinjay rising wings displayed and inverted Or collared Gules
Argent on a Bend Sable three Popinjays Or collared Gules
On either side a Female Figure the dexter representing Prudence habited Argent mantled Azure and holding in her sinister hand a Javelin entwined by a Remora proper the sinister representing Liberality habited Argent mantled Purpure and holding in both hands a Cornucopia proper
Let Curzon holde what Curzon helde; Recte Et Suaviter (Justly and mildly)


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