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Peter Dazeley FRPS,[1] known as Dazeley, is a photographer living and working in London, renowned for fine art, advertising, anamorphic and nude photography, as well as flower photography.

Solarised Platinum Man Photography Dazeley


Dazeley was born in West Kensington, London, England, in 1948. Dazeley, son of William and Freda Dazeley MBE, is dyslexic and left school at 15 without formal qualifications. He is married and has a daughter and a son; they live in Coombe Hill, Surrey, England.

Photographic career[edit]

Dazeley studied photography at Holland Park Comprehensive (now known as the Socialist Eton) [2] and started assisting the photographer Peter Sowerby at Essex West Studios off Fleet Street, London in 1963. His work has won awards from organisations across the world, including the Association of Photographers,[3] the Royal Photographic Society in the UK,[4] EPICA[5] in France, Applied Arts Magazine[6] in Canada, Graphis Inc.[7] in the USA . Dazeley is one of the few modern photographers working with Platinum prints and is currently working on several projects including X-ray, flowers, pregnant women, anamorphic nude and solarisation (Sabattier effect) photography, out of his own studio complex in Chelsea, London.

Dazeley became a member of the Association of Photographers in 1977 and became a life member in 1984.

In June 2013 Dazeley was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society. Fellowship is the highest distinction of the RPS and recognizes original work and outstanding ability.


He has developed many imaging techniques in advertising photography that are now the norm in the commercial world, including the use of limited depth of field and the out of focus anamorphic figures as used in the Assume Nothing Campaign for the Terrence Higgins Trust. He has also been prominent in using x-ray photography for artistic purposes.[8]

Terrence Higgins Trust photography:Dazeley


Modern art collector Kay Hartenstein Saatchi in the foreword to 21st century platinum (N.p.: Rawkus, 2003) ‘We try and take what is real to its surreal being. With the velvety tones of platinum printing (Platinum prints) the fine art photographer Dazeley does just this, displaying an affinity with the innovations of that arch surrealist Man Ray.’

21st Century Platinum Exhibition Catalogue

Andrew Coningsby of the Coningsby Gallery ‘We, in our little gallery, agree that he is one of the most innovative photographers of the moment.’Quoted at Private View of 21st Century Platinum exhibition July 2003

Gavin Blyth of Image Magazine ‘Many of the images have a grotesque beauty which is strangely compelling. In his anamorphic work, the lens stretches and morphs the human form creating an effect similar to Giacometti's famous elongated sculptures. The detail and tonal range achieved in the images is normal for platinum prints.' Image magazine July 2003

‘Jan 2010 - Dazeley has been voted amongst the top 30 most influential photographers of the decade, (Photo District News magazine, Survey Results: The 30 Most Influential Photographers of The Decade? online survey by number of votes received)’ [9]

In 2014 Dazeley's 'Unseen London' was published. Review on Amazon of Unseen London by Matthew Butson, Vice President, Getty Hulton Archive. 'As one of the leading creative photographers of his generation, Dazeley has produced a book that is not only beautifully shot but will hopefully inspire photographers, historians, budding architects and the casual reader re-explore the city around them.'[10]



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