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Peter Diggle' is a statistician. He was president of the Royal Statistical Society from 2014 until 2016, starting his term early on the resignation of John Pullinger who was appointed National Statistician.[1] He holds concurrent appointments with the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University, and the Institute of Infection and Global Health at the University of Liverpool.[2] In 1997 he was awarded the Guy medal in Silver by the Royal Statistical Society.[3] From 2004-2008 he was an EPSRC Senior Research Fellow.[4] He is one of the founding co-editors of the journal Biostatistics.[5]

Previously, he has held positions at Newcastle University, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia. He also holds honorary appointments with Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Yale.[2]

Seminal Works[edit]

Professor Peter Diggle has authored a range of texts detailing methods in geostatistics. Below are titles of some of his most influential work:

Statistics and scientific method: an introduction for students and researchers. Diggle, P., Chetwynd, A. 2011 New York : Oxford University Press. 172 p. ISBN 9780199543199. Book

Model-based Geostatistics. Diggle, P.J., Ribeiro, P.J. 03/2007 New York, USA : Springer. 228 p. ISBN 0387329072 978-0387329079. Book

Handbook of spatial statistics Gelfand, A., Diggle, P., Guttorp, P., Fuentes, M. 2010 CRC Press. 619 p. ISBN 978-1420072877. Book

Statistical analysis of spatial point patterns. Diggle, P.J. 2003 London : Edward Arnold. 159 p. ISBN 0340740701. Book

Time series: a biostatistical introduction Diggle, P. 1990 Oxford : Oxford University Press. 257 p. ISBN 0198522061. Book

Discrete mathematics. Chetwynd, A.G., Diggle, P.J. 1995 London : Arnold. 209 p. ISBN 0340610476. Book


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