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Peter Finch
Peter finch.jpg
Born Peter Finch
6 March 1947
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Occupation Poet, Author
Nationality Welsh

Peter Finch (born 1947) is a Welsh poet and author living in Cardiff, Wales. He was Chief Executive of Academi, the Welsh National Literature Promotion Agency and Society of Writers. As a writer he works in both traditional and experimental forms. He is best known for his poetry readings, his creative work based on his native city of Cardiff and his knowledge of the UK poetry publishing scene.


Peter Finch was born in 1947, in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.[citation needed]

In the 1960s and 1970s he edited the literary magazine, Second Aeon, exhibited visual poetry internationally and toured with sound poet Bob Cobbing.[citation needed]

In the 1980s and 1990s he concerned himself with performance poetry, was a founder member of Cardiff's Cabaret 246 and of the trio Horse's Mouth. This was work with props, owing as much to theatre as it did to literature. In the new Millennium he was worked on psychogeographies and alternative guides to his native city of Cardiff.[citation needed]

Finch lectures throughout the UK, often on the subject of Cardiff and urban living. In addition to the readings Finch also delivers a number of presentations on the poetry publishing scene (how to get yourself published – a demystification of the arcane world of books, magazines and the internet), on the history of sound poetry (which features histrionic performances of dada texts and the playing of numerous historical recordings), on the writing of short fiction and on the history of the small press. He works with schools and has led young people's writing squads in co-operation with local authorities.

From the early seventies until the late nineties he was treasurer of ALP, the Association of Little Presses. Between 1975 and 1998 he ran the Arts Council of Wales's specialist Oriel Bookshop in Cardiff. From 1998 he was Chief Executive of Yr Academi Gymreig/ The Welsh Academy – the Welsh National Literature Promotion Agency and Society for Writers.[1]


Name Published Publisher Notes
1 Wanted For Writing Poetry 1968 Second Aeon with Stephen Morris
2 An Alteration in the Way I Breathe 1969 Quickest Way Out
3 Pieces of the Universe 1969 Second Aeon
4 Beyond The Silence 1970 Vertigo
5 Circle of the Suns 1970 Art Living
6 The Edge of Tomorrow 1971 BB Books with Jeanne Rushton
7 The End of the Vision 1971 John Jones Ltd
8 Blats 1972 Second Aeon
9 Typewriter Poems 1972 Something Else Press editor
10 Whitesung 1972 Aquila
11 Antarktika 1973 Writers Forum
12 Getting Your Poetry Published 1973 Association of Little Presses
13 Trowch Eich Radio 'Mlaen 1977 Writers Forum
14 Green Horse 1978 Christopher Davies co-edited with Meic Stephens
15 How to Learn Welsh 1978 Christopher Davies editor
16 Connecting Tubes 1980 Writers Forum
17 Blues and Heartbreakers 1981 Galloping Dogs
18 The O Poems 1981 Writers Forum
19 Visual Texts 1970–1980 1981 Pyrofiche microfiche edition
20 Between 35 and 42 1982 Alun Books
21 On Criticism 1984 Writers Forum
22 Some Music and a Little War 1984 Rivelin Grapheme
23 How to Publish Your Poetry 1985 Allison & Busby re-issued 1998
24 Reds in the Bed 1985 Galloping Dog
25 How To Publish Yourself 1987 Allison & Busby re-issued 1997
26 Selected Poems 1987 Poetry Wales Press
27 Cheng Man Ch'ing Variations 1990 Writers Forum
28 Make 1990 Galloping Dog
29 Publishing Yourself, Not Too Difficult After All 1990 Association of Little Presses
30 Poems for Ghosts 1991 Seren
31 Five Hundred Cobbings 1994 Writers Forum
32 The Poetry Business 1994 Seren
33 The Spe ell 1995 Writers Forum
34 Small Presses & Little Magazines of the UK and Ireland, An Address List 1996 Oriel Bookshop compiler
35 Antibodies 1997 Stride
36 Dauber 1997 Writers Forum
37 Useful 1997 Seren
38 Food 2001 Seren
39 Real Cardiff 2002 Seren
40 Vizet – Water 2003 Konkret Konyvek
41 Real Cardiff 2 2004 Seren
42 The Big Book Of Cardiff 2005 Seren co-edited with Grahame Davies
43 Welsh Poems 2006 Shearsman
44 Selected Later Poems' 2007 Seren
45 Real Wales' 2008 Seren
46 Real Cardiff 3' 2009 Seren


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