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Peter Fishman
Peter Fishman 2011.jpg
Born (1955-11-30)November 30, 1955 (61)
Kiev, U.S.S.R
Nationality Russian
Education Smolensk State University
Known for Sculpture, Painting

Peter Fishman (Russian: Пётр Аронович Фишман) born 1955, in Kiev, USSR is a Russian sculptor and painter of Jewish ascendancy, Professor ordinarius in sculpture at the Smolensk University for Humanities.

Life and career[edit]

Peter Fishman was born into a family of a serviceman in 1955. The Family moved from city to city due to father’s army service. In 1967 they settled in the city of Smolensk. Here Peter started painting in the art studio of the local Palace of Pioneers, some years later he entered the Smolensk art school. Having finished the art school, he continued his education in the field of fine arts at the department of arts of the Smolensk State Pedagogical Institute. In 1978 he successfully defended his final project for a master's degree and earned praise of the state commission. His supervisor was people's artist Albert Sergeev.

From 1980 to 1986 Peter worked as a fine art restorer at the Smolensk State Museum. Currently, in addition to creative and educational activities he is engaged in restoration of historic and artistic monuments. Since 1978 he has been participating regularly in all-Union and all-Russian exhibitions. In 1989 Peter Fishman became a member of the Union of Artists. In 1998 and 2000 he organized the stone sculpture symposiums in Smolensk. In 2005 he was the artistic director of the creative team for the cultural exchange between the twin cities of Smolensk and Hagen (Germany).


  • 2005— state grant of the Union of Artists of Russia in the field of Fine Arts
  • 2004— diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts
  • 1999— diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia

Selected exhibitions[edit]

  • 2013— "The Artists of Smolensk for the city", Smolensk
  • 2011— "The Artists of Smolensk", Ivanovo
  • 2010— " The Artists of Smolensk" (Exhibition Hall of the Union of Russian Artists), Moscow
  • 2009
    • Second All-Russian Exhibition of Sculpture, honoring the great sculptor Stepan Erzia, Saransk
    • All-Russian Exhibition "Russia XI», Central House of Artists, Moscow
    • Exhibition of Smolensk artists "Following the old Smolensk road," (State Exhibition Hall - Museum " Nasledie"), Moscow
  • 2008— Tenth Regional Exhibition "Artists of the central regions of Russia", Yaroslavl
  • 2006— First All-Russian Exhibition of Sculpture, Lipetsk
  • 2005— Stone International Sculpture Symposium in Hagen, Germany
  • 2004— Tenth All-Russian Exhibition "Russia" (Central Exhibition Hall), Moscow
  • 2003— Ninth Regional Exhibition "Artists of the central regions of Russia", Lipetsk
  • 2002— Interregional Exhibition "Young Russia", Bryansk
  • 2001
  • 2000
    • All-Russian Art Exhibition honoring 2000 years of Christianity, "For Thy Name's Sake"
    • All-Russian Art Exhibition "Dedicated to the Defenders of the Fatherland" honoring the 55th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Moscow
  • 1999— Ninth All-Russian Exhibition "Russia, Moscow
Working on the bust of Vice-admiral Makarov
  • 1998
    • Regional Exhibition "Time. Space. The Man", Gagarin
    • Group Art Exhibition "The teacher and the students", Gagarin
    • Exhibition of Smolensk Artists at the Military Academy of Air Defense, Smolensk
  • 1997— Eighth Regional Exhibition "Artists of the central regions of Russia", Moscow
  • 1994— Solo exhibition, Konenkov Museum of Sculpture, Smolensk
  • 1991— Inter-republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland in the works of Russian artists, Ukraine, Belarus", Smolensk, Minsk
  • 1990— Seventh Regional Art Exhibition "Artists of the central regions of Russia", Vladimir
  • 1988— All-Union Art Exhibition "Guarding the gains of socialism", Moscow
  • 1987— Republican Art Exhibition "The Artist and the Time", Moscow
  • 1985
    • Second All-Russian Exhibition of Sculpture, Moscow
    • Sixth Zonal Art Exhibition "Artists of Nechernozemie"
    • Seventh Republican Art Exhibition "Soviet Russia", Moscow
  • 1980— Regional Exhibition of the Artists' Union, Smolensk
  • 1979— Regional Exhibition of the Artists' Union, Smolensk
  • 1978— All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists, Moscow


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