Peter Friedrich Ludwig Tischbein

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Peter Tischbein in his Oberforstmeister uniform.

Peter Friedrich Ludwig Tischbein (6 December 1813, Eutin – 5 October 1883, Eutin) was a German forester, paleontologist and entomologist. His father was the painter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.

Prior to 1841, he worked as a supervisor in the Lensahn forestry district of Holstein. In 1843 he was named head of the Oberstein forestry department headquartered in Herrstein. In 1852 he attained the title of Oberförster, and in 1873 became a senior official of forested areas in the Principality of Birkenfeld. Two years later, he was named chief forester for the Principality of Lübeck.[1]

As a paleontologist, he collected fossils found in the Hunsrück slate of western Germany, including the brittle star species Euzonosoma tischbeinianum of the extinct family Encrinasteridae.[1][2] In the field of entomology, he described four new species of sawflyTenthredo hungarica, Cephus pulcher, Macrophya ratzeburgii and Tenthredo albopunctata.[3]


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