Peter Gawthorne

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Peter Gawthorne
Peter Gawthorne1.jpg
Peter Gawthorne
Born 1 September 1884
Queen's County, Ireland, UK
Died 17 March 1962 (1962-03-18) (aged 77)
London, England, United Kingdom
Years active 1906–1956

Peter Gawthorne (1 September 1884 – 17 March 1962) was an Anglo-Irish actor, probably best known for his roles in Will Hay films. Gawthorne was one of Britain's most called-upon bit part actors during the 1940s and 1950s.

Early life and Career[edit]

He was born in 1884 in Queen's County in Ireland, but spent most of his career in England. After two years at the Academy of Dramatic Art, Gawthorne began a career on the London stage, eventually running up over twenty years experience on the stage. His debut was in 1906, a walking on part at His Majesty's Theatre, London. He was featured in the role of Albany Pope, receiving good notices, in the hit musical The Boy in 1917.[1]

He worked for a number of companies but, in particular, Gainsborough Studios. He also toured Australia, South Africa and Americas, going into films in America before returning to Britain. Gawthorne also studied singing.

He worked extensively in cinema often playing military officers and stern, authority figures, many of whom frequently clashed with the bumbling idiots played by Will Hay[2] and other well-known comedians such as George Formby, The Crazy Gang, Jessie Matthews, Jack Hulbert, Alastair Sim and Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch.

He also worked with a number of famous straight actors including George Arliss, Errol Flynn and Leslie Banks.


TV series[edit]


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