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Peter Goodrich is a Professor of Law and Director of Law and Humanities at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He is the managing editor of Law and Literature and serves on the editorial board of Law and Critique. He is co-editor of the critical legal studies book series 'Discourses of Law' published by Routledge. Peter Goodrich was one of the founding academic staff in the Birkbeck Law School.[1]

Goodrich has been at Cardozo Law School since 2000 and teaches courses in Contracts, Jurisprudence, Film and Law, and Gender and Law. He obtained his LL.B. in 1975 from the University of Sheffield and his Ph.D. in 1984 from the University of Edinburgh. His scholarly work is wide ranging in its engagement with questions of law, interpretation, history, institution, rhetoric, visuality, and aesthetics.

Goodrich's favorite case involves carrying a wife across the threshold into their newly purchased house. However, the house was not constructed to their liking and the husband correspondingly dropped the wife. They successfully sued for emotional damages.

Published Work[edit]


Journal Articles by Decade[edit]


  • 'The Antinomies of Legal Theory: An Introductory Survey' (1983) 3 Legal Studies 1
  • 'The Rise of Legal Formalism; or the Defences of Legal Faith' (1983) 3 Legal Studies 248
  • 'Law and Language: An Historical and Critical Introduction' (1984) 11 Journal of Law and Society 173
  • 'Rhetoric as Jurisprudence: An Introduction to the Politics of Legal Language' (1984) 4 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 88
  • 'Historical Aspects of Legal Interpretation' (1985) 61 Indiana Law Journal 331
  • 'Law and Modernity' (1986) 49 The Modern Law Review 545
  • 'Traditions of Interpretation and the Status of the Legal Text' (1986) 6 Legal Studies 53
  • 'Literacy and the Languages of the Early Common Law' (1987) 14 Journal of Law and Society 422
  • 'Rhetoric, Grammatology and the Hidden Injuries of Law' (1989) 18 Economy and Society 167


  • 'Specula Laws: Image, Aesthetic and Common Law' (1991) 2 Law and Critique 233
  • 'Eating Law: Commons, Common Land, Common Law' (1991) 12 The Journal of Legal History 246
  • 'Critical Legal Studies in England: Prospective Histories' (1992) 12 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 195
  • 'Poor Illiterate Reason: History, Nationalism and Common Law' (1992) 1 Social and Legal Studies 7
  • 'The Continuance of the Antirrhetic' (1992) 4 Law and Literature 207
  • 'Gynaetopia: Feminine Genealogies of Common Law' (1993) 20 Journal of Law and Society 276
  • 'Oedipus Lex: Slips in Interpretation and Law' (1993) 13 Legal Studies 381
  • 'Sleeping with the Enemy: An Essay on the Politics of Critical Legal Studies in America' (1993) 68 New York University Law Review 389
  • 'Doctor Duxbury's Cure: Or, A Note on Legal Historiography' (1994) 15 Cardozo Law Review 1567
  • 'Salem and Bizance: A Short History of the Two Laws' (1994) 37 Renaissance and Modern Studies 13
  • 'Of Law and Forgetting: Literature, Ethics, and Legal Judgment' (1994) 1 Arachne: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the Humanities 198
  • 'Translating Legendre or, the Poetical Sermon of a Contemporary Jurist' (1995) 16 Cardozo Law Review 963
  • '"The Unconscious is a Jurist": Psychoanalysis and Law in the work of Pierre Legendre' (1996) 20 Legal Studies Forum 195
  • 'Habermas and the Postal Rule' (1996) 17 Cardozo Law Review 1457
  • 'Law in the Courts of Love: Andreas Capellanus and the Judgments of Love' (1996) 48 Stanford Law Review 633
  • 'Epistolary Justice: The Love Letter as Law' (1997) 9 Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 245
  • 'Maladies of the Legal Soul: Psychoanalysis and Interpretation in Law' (1997) 3 Washington and Lee Law Review 1035
  • 'Justice and the Trauma of Law: A Response to George Pavlich' (1998) 18 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 271
  • 'Law By Other Means' (1998) 10 Law and Literature 111
  • 'The Laws of Love: Literature, History and the Governance of Kissing' (1998) 24 New York University Review of Law and Social Change 183
  • 'Anti-Teubner: Autopoiesis, Paradox, and the Theory of Law' (1999) 13 Social Epistemology 197
  • 'Operatic Hermeneutics: Harmony, Euphantasy, and Law in Rossini's Semiramis' (1999) 20 Cardozo Law Review 1649
  • 'The Critic's Love of the Law: Intimate Observations on an Insular Jurisdiction' (1999) 10 Law and Critique 343


  • 'Amatory Jurisprudence and the Querelle des Lois' (2000) 76 Chicago-Kent Law Review 751
  • 'Duncan Kennedy as I Imagine Him: The Man, the Work, His Scholarship, and the Polity' (2001) 22 Cardozo Law Review 971
  • 'Europe in America: Grammatology, Legal Studies, and the Politics of Transmission' (2001) 101 Columbia Law Review 2033
  • 'Barron's Complaint: A Response to "Feminism, Aestheticism and the Limits of Law"' (2001) 9 Feminist Legal Studies 149
  • 'Erotic Melancholia: Law, Literature, Love' (2002) 14 Law and Literature 103
  • 'Zenotypes: On the Modes of Reproduction of Critical Lawyers' (2002) 11 Social and Legal Studies 425
  • 'Distrust Quotations in Latin' (2003) 29 Critical Inquiry 193
  • 'Laws of Friendship' (2003) 15 Law and Literature 23
  • 'Pierre the Anomalist: An Epistemology of the Legal Closet' (2003) 57 University of Miami Law Review 791
  • 'The Perspective Law of the Ego: Public Intellectuals and the Economy of Diffuse Returns' (2003) 66 Modern Law Review 294
  • 'A Fragment on Cnutism with Brief Divagations on the Philosophy of the Near Miss' (2004) 31 Journal of Law and Society 131
  • 'Satirical Legal Studies: From the Legists to the "Lizard"' (2004) 103 Michigan Law Review 397
  • 'JD' (2005) 27 Cardozo Law Review 801
  • 'Friends in High Places: Amity and Agreement in Alsatia' (2005) 1 International Journal of Law in Context 41
  • 'Lex Laetans' (2005) 17 Law and Literature 293
  • 'The Importance of Being Earnest: Satire and the Criticism of Law' (2005) 15 Social Semiotics 43
  • 'The New Casuistry' (2007) 33 Critical Inquiry 673
  • 'Alexy Ad Iustitium' (2008) 17 Social and Legal Studies 105
  • 'The Visial Line: On the Prehistory of Law and Film' (2008) 14 Parallax 55
  • 'Visive Powers: Colours, Trees and Genres of Jurisdiction' (2008) 2 Law and Humanities 213
  • 'Intellection and Indiscipline' (2009) 36 Journal of Law and Society 460
  • 'Screening Law' (2009) 21 Law and Literature 1


  • 'Theatres of the Book' (2010) 14 Law Text Culture 357
  • 'Legal Enigmas—Antonio de Nebrija, The Da Vinci Code and the Emendation of Law' (2010) 30 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 71
  • 'Specters of Law: Why the History of the Legal Spectacle Has Not Been Written' (2011) 1 UC Irvine Law Review 773
  • 'The Theatre of Emblems: On the Optical Apparatus and the Investiture of Persons' (2012) 8 Law, Culture and the Humanities 47
  • 'Devising Law: On the Philosophy of Legal Emblems' (2013) 57 New York Law School Law Review 133
  • 'The Foolosophy of Justice and the Enigma of Law' (2013) 24 Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 141
  • 'The Immense Rumor' (2013) 16 Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 199
  • 'Visiocracy: On the Futures of the Fingerpost' (2013) 39 Critical Inquiry 498
  • 'Mos Americanus or Common Law in Partibus Infidelium' (2015) 60 Villanova Law Review 521
  • 'The Omina in Nomina' (2016) 10 Law and Humanities 4
  • 'How Strange the Change from Major to Minor' (2017) 21 Law Text Culture 30
  • 'Proboscations: Excavations in Comedy and Law' (2017) 43 Critical Inquiry 361

Book Chapters by Decade[edit]


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Selected Editorial Work[edit]

  • (edited with Costas Douzinas and Yifat Hachamovitch) Politics, Postmodernity and Critical Legal Studies: The Legality of the Contingent, Routledge, 1994, ISBN 978-0-415-08651-6.
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    • Note: a paperback edition followed six months later, with Anton Schutz as a third editor. ISBN 978-1904385257
  • (edited with Valérie Hayaert) Genealogies of Legal Vision, Routledge, 2016, ISBN 978-1317683896.

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