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Peter Hannan (born August 13, 1954) is an American animator, singer-songwriter, author, illustrator, producer, artist, and entrepreneur. Hannan is the creator, executive producer, and show runner of the Nickelodeon series CatDog. He also wrote and sang the CatDog theme song. He has created and developed properties for numerous studios. He works as a character designer and writes for various other animated shows. He created a web series called Really Freaking Embarrassing, single-panel cartoons called The Adventures of a Huge Mouth that ran in independent newspapers throughout the U.S., and writes and illustrates books, including Petlandia, My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed, The Greatest Snowman in the World, Super Goofballs, Sillyville or Bust, Escape from Camp Wannabarf, School After Dark: Lessons in Lunacy, and The Battle of Sillyville: Live Silly or Die! He has written and illustrated newspaper and magazine pieces with titles like The Incredible Shrinking Christmas and The Good, the Bad, and the Irish. He co-founded the company FutureVision, which produced a TV concert series featuring blues legends Muddy Waters, Albert King, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, Bobby Bland, Otis Rush, Blind John Davis, and others. He has taught, lectured, and led art, writing, animation, and creativity workshops for pre-school through college students. He has worked as a graphic designer and art director and done illustrations for magazines, newspapers, and advertising. He exhibits paintings, illustrations, and cartoons.


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