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Peter Himmelman
Peter Himmelman.jpg
Background information
Born (1959-11-23) November 23, 1959 (age 61)
St. Louis Park, Minnesota, US
GenresRock, folk rock, folk, blues
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, composer, speaker
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, piano, bass
Years active1980–present
Associated actsSussman Lawrence Kristen Mooney

Peter Himmelman (born November 23, 1959, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota) is an American singer-songwriter and film and television composer from Minnesota, who formerly played in the Minneapolis indie rock band Sussman Lawrence before pursuing an extensive solo career. Himmelman is also the founder of Big Muse, a company which helps individuals and organizations unlock their creative potential. He is married to Maria Dylan, a lawyer and adopted daughter of Bob Dylan. They have four children.


Himmelman in 2017 at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis

Himmelman garnered his first solo deal on Island Records in 1985 after a video for the song "Eleventh Confession" made its way onto regular rotation on MTV. His first release entitled This Father's Day was composed for Himmelman's father David. In the early '90s, he achieved significant alternative radio play with songs including "The Woman With The Strength of 10000 Men", from his From Strength To Strength release. He was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2002 for his song "Best Kind Of Answer" which appeared in the CBS series Judging Amy, for which Himmelman also composed the score. He was the composer for the FOX television show Bones through the fourth season. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for his children's album, My Green Kite. USA Today has called Himmelman "one of rock's most wildly imaginative performers" for his often highly improvisational stage shows.

Big Muse[edit]

In 2011 Himmelman began working with organizations and brands such as McDonald's, Gap Inc., and Banana Republic to help them achieve better communication, innovation and leadership with a company he started called Big Muse. The methodology Himmelman created is designed to help organizations increase innovative thinking, team building and leadership ability. Its main metaphor for teaching these skills is songwriting.


Solo studio albums
  • 1986: This Father's Day (reissued 1995)
  • 1987: Gematria
  • 1989: Synesthesia
  • 1991: From Strength to Strength
  • 1992: Flown This Acid World
  • 1994: Skin
  • 1999: Love Thinketh No Evil
  • 2004: Unstoppable Forces (bonus disc: Himmelvaults, vol. 3)
  • 2005: Imperfect World
  • 2007: Pigeons Couldn't Sleep (bonus DVD: Rock God – originally titled: Mittin Derinin)
  • 2010: The Mystery and the Hum
  • 2014: The Boat That Carries Us
  • 2017: There Is No Calamity
Band albums
  • 1978: Shangoya – "Get a Grip" – 7" single
  • 1979: Sussman Lawrence – Hail to the Modern Hero (reissued 1980)
  • 1984: Sussman Lawrence – Pop City
  • 2004: The Complete Sussman Lawrence (1979–1985) (double CD reissue with bonus tracks) (CD, Deep Shag Records)
  • 2013: Minnesota – Are You There? (2013)
Solo children's albums
  • 1997: My Best Friend is a Salamander
  • 2000: My Fabulous Plum (re-issued 2004)
  • 2004: My Lemonade Stand
  • 2007: My Green Kite
  • 2009: My Trampoline
Live albums
  • 1996: Stage Diving – Live from The Bottom Line – NY, NY
  • 2008: Pen and Ink
Greatest hits compilations
  • 2004: The Complete Sussman Lawrence (1979–1985) (double CD reissue with bonus tracks) (CD, Deep Shag Records)
  • 2005: Mission of My Soul, The Best of Peter Himmelman
  • 2007: Songs of Folly and Transcendence (1998–2007)
  • 2011: Best of Kids Collection: Songs to Make Boring Days Fun
Rarities releases
  • 1998: Himmelvaults, Vol. 1
  • 1999: Himmelman Music for Film
  • 2002: Himmelvaults, Vol. 2
  • 2004: Himmelvaults, Vol. 3 – bundled with Unstoppable Forces
  • 2005: Himmelvaults, Vol. 4 Pristine
  • 2005: Himmelvaults, Vol. 5 When Grace Collides with Sin
  • 2006: Himmelvaults, Vol. 6
  • 2007: Himmelvaults, Vol. 7
  • 2008: Himmelvaults, Vol. 8
  • 2009: Blackout in the Book of Light
  • 2011: Flimsy
  • 2014: Himmelvaults, Vol. 9"[1]
Spinoza Bear Project

-In the early 1980s Peter Himmelman wrote and produced songs for Spinoza Bear, a therapeutic stuffed animal that was used to eliminate the stress of children in hospitals, rape victims, autism sufferers and others. He was also the voice of the bear.

  • 1984: I'm Your Friend and My Name Is Spinoza – Bonding, Opens Communication
  • 1985: You Are All You Need To Be – Encouragement, Self Esteem
  • 1985: Everybody Needs A Little Tenderness – Ease Anxiety
  • 1985: Dream on the Water – Encourage Sleep
  • 1986: Do You Wonder – Curiosity, Learning
  • 1986: Good Friends – Feelings, Relationships
  • 1991: New Beginnings – Relaxation, Healthy Choices
  • 1991: Breathing Healthy, Breathing Free – Positive Attitude, Deep Breathing
  • 1991: Hold On to Me – Grief and Loss


Furious World

He was also the creative force behind Furious World his live Internet show,(2008–2010) which broadcast every Tuesday evening at 7 pm (PT) from his home studio. The highly innovative show featured original live music with his band, video segments that ranged from philosophical to comedic, and special guests from the world of technology, music and the arts.

Rock G-d Film

Rock G-d is a documentary about Peter Himmelman directed by Keith Wolf. It is described as "a road epic about the pursuit of an adolescent dream into adult reality that powerfully touches on issues of faith, fame and failure".

Film and TV composition credits[edit]

TV scoring credits

Bones (FOX)

Judging Amy (CBS) – Emmy nominated song "Best Kind of Answer"

Men in Trees (ABC)

Ex List (CBS)

Heartland (TNT)

Freshmen Diaries (Showtime)

The American Embassy (FOX)

Going to California (Showtime)

Making the Band 4 (MTV)

Bug Juice (Disney)

ER – Season 9 – "A Thousand Cranes" (NBC): "Always in Disguise" from the album Flown This Acid World

Miami Vice – Season 2 "Lend Me an Ear" (NBC)

How To Rock (Nickelodeon)

Film music/scoring credits

Ash Tuesday – Janeane Garofalo

•Four Feet

The Souler Opposite – Chris Meloni, Tim Busfield

Bill's Gun Shop

A Slipping-Down Life – Guy Pearce, Lili Taylor

Dinner & Driving – Joey Slotnick, Paula DeVico, Sam Robards, Brigitte Bako

•Liar's Poker – Flea•Crossing The Bridge – Jason Gedrick, Stephen Baldwin, David Schwimmer

Pyrates – Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick

•Queen Sized – Nikki Blonsky

Porn 'n Chicken

Snow in August

A Face to Kill For – Doug Savant, Crystal Bernard

Long Gone – Dermot Mulroney

Heart of Dixie – Ally Sheedy, Phoebe Cates, Treat Williams


•ASCAP – Top TV Series: Judging Amy (2000)

•ASCAP – Top TV Series: Judging Amy (2003)

•ASCAP – Top TV Series: Judging Amy (2004)

•ASCAP – Top TV Series: Judging Amy (2005)

•Family Channel Seal of Quality – My Best Friend is a Salamander (1997)

•Family Channel Seal of Quality -My Fabulous Plum (2003)

•Parents Choice – My Best Friend is a Salamander (1997)

•Parents Choice – My Fabulous Plum (2003)

•Parents Choice – My Green Kite (2007)

•Parents Choice – My Trampoline (2009)

•National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award – My Green Kite (2007)

•National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award – My Trampoline (2009)

•Minnesota Music Award – Best Male Songwriter (1993)

Award nominations

•Emmy 2002 Music and Lyrics – Judging Amy, song: "The Best Kind Of Answer"

• Grammy 2008 Best Musical Album for Children – My Green Kite

Visual art[edit]

Himmelman is also a visual artist and painter whose work appeared on the cover of his 1987 Island release Synesthesia. A collection of his recent art can be found online.[2]


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