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Peter Ho
Peter Ho in Golden Horse Awards 2018
Born (1975-09-13) September 13, 1975 (age 44)
Alma materOntario College of Art and Design
Years active1994–present
Spouse(s)Peggy Lin (m. 2016)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese何潤東
Simplified Chinese何润东
Musical career
LabelsDarton Entertainment

Peter Ho (simplified Chinese: 何润东; traditional Chinese: 何潤東; pinyin: Hé Rùndōng, born September 13, 1975) is a Chinese American singer, actor and model based in Taiwan. Since his debut in 1998, he has released seven albums and has starred in over 25 films and television series, most notably Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,[1] Wind and Cloud,[2] One Meter Sunshine, Goddess of Mercy,The Young Warriors,[3] Three Kingdoms,[4] King's War,[5] Summer's Desire,[6] and Nothing Gold Can Stay.[7]

Ho also appeared in the 2003 tokusatsu film Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost as Leo/Kamen Rider Psyga; becoming the first non-Japanese Kamen Rider.[8] Ho is also known for his role in the wuxia film Sword Master.[9]


Ho was born in Los Angeles, California, but was raised in Taiwan and Canada. His parents are from Hong Kong. He studied at Ontario College of Art and Design, and began his singing career after being offered a record deal in a karaoke bar. In 1998, he released his debut album Miss You Love in Taiwan.[10] Ho married his non-celebrity girlfriend in 2016.[11]



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1994 The Lovers 梁祝 Ting Mong-chun
1999 Truth about Jane & Sam 真心话 Sam
1999 Deja Vu 缘,妙不可言 Peter Ho
2000 When I Fall in Love With Both 月亮的秘密 Sam Ho
2000 Dark War 暗斗 Ken Tsui
2000 Born to Be King 古惑仔6之胜者为王 Lui Fu-kwan
2002 T.R.Y T.R.Y. 军火 Xiao Ding
2003 Secret Pursuit 密情追踪 Mai Long
2003 Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost 剧场版 假面ライダー555 パラダイス・ロスト Leo/Kamen Rider Psyga
2005 One Missed Call 2 着信アリ2 Chen Yuting
2007 My DNA Says I Love You 基因决定我爱你 Anteater
2009 Sophie's Revenge 非常完美 Gordon
2010 My Belle Boss 我的美女老板 Yang Xiong
2011 Once Upon a Time in Tibet 西藏往事 Jiang Cuo Guest appearance
2011 Cold Steel 遍地狼烟 Mu Liangfeng
2014 The Monkey King 西游記之大鬧天宮 Erlang Shen
2014 Fighting 英雄之戰 Jie Sen
2014 One Minute More 只要一分鐘 Shen Haojie
2016 Spicy Hot in Love 爱情麻辣烫之情定终身 Liu Jiayi
2016 Brothers 鋼刀 Wang Bingsheng
2016 Murder at Honeymoon Hotel 蜜月酒店殺人事件 Doctor Cui
2016 The Precipice Game 魔輪 Ye Qing / Ye Tian
2016 Sword Master 三少爺的劍 Yan Shisan
2017 The Game Changer 遊戲規則 Lin Zihao
2018 Back to the Good Times
2018 Crazy Little Thing
2018 Kung Fu Monster

Television series[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2001 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙 Luo Xiaohu
2002 Wind and Cloud 风云雄霸天下 Bu Jingyun
2003 Miracle 奇迹 Zhao Chengzhen
2003 Starry Starry Night 雪地里的星星 Peter
2003 Eighteen Monks 十八罗汉 Huihai
2003 Youjian Juhua Xiang 又见橘花香 Aquarium owner Cameo
2003 Jade Goddess of Mercy 玉观音 Mao Jie
2003 One Meter Sunshine 一米阳光 Jin Zhengwu
2003 Four Marshals 少年四大名捕 Zhuiming
2003 Original Scent of Summer 原味的夏天 Peter Cameo
2004 Love of the Aegean Sea 情定爱情海 Li Yaoxiang
2004 Assassinator Jing Ke 荆轲传奇 Gao Jianli
2004 Wind and Cloud 2 风云2 Bu Jingyun
2004 The Prince of Qin, Li Shimin 秦王李世民 Li Shimin
2005 Acquired Beauty 后天美女 Doctor Lu Cameo
2005 Cooking Master Boy 中华小当家 Ah Fei
2005 The Legend of Hero 中华英雄 Hua Yingxiong
2005 Phantom Lover 夜半歌声 Song Danping
2005 Ping Pong 乒乓 Lin Yun Cameo
2005 Wind Warrior 风中战士 Jiang Peng Cameo
2005 Romance in the White House 白屋之恋 Yin Tong
2005 Fairy Tale of Paris 巴黎童话 Qi Xiang
2006 The Blind Detective 盲侠金鱼飞天猪 Nangong Jin
2006 The Young Warriors 少年杨家将 Yang Yanhui
2006 The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng 陆小凤传奇 Ximen Chuixue
2007 Men and Legends 精武飞鸿 Di Feng
2007 Butterfly Lovers 梁山伯与祝英台 Liang Shanbo
2008 Shanghai Typhoon 上海潮 Cao Fei
2010 Three Kingdoms 三国 Lü Bu
2010 Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏 Ou Chen also producer
2010 Unbeatable 无懈可击之美女如云 Zhuo Yuan
2011 Wish Upon a Star 星愿同行 Yi Kewei
2011 Ring Ring Bell 真心请按两次铃 Ren Jiakai
2012 Drama Go! Go! Go! 姐姐立正向前走 Ou Yangcheng Cameo
2012 Of Love and Rain 晴雨之間 Lee
2012 King's War 楚汉传奇 Xiang Yu
2013 Unconditional Love 乐俊凯 Le Junkai Web series
2013 Shining Days 璀璨人生 Zhang HeFan
2014 Tiny Times 小時代 Gong Ming
2015 Furong Jin 芙蓉锦 Gao Chongqi
2015 Immediately The World 马上天下 Chen Sanchuan
2015 Beautiful Secret 美丽的秘密 Guan Yi
2016 The Tibet Code 藏地密码 Zhuomu Qiangba Web series
2016 Princess Of Lanling King 兰陵王妃 Wu Mingqie Cameo
2017 Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆 Wu Pin
2017 Xuan Wu 玄武 Li Hengli [12]
2017 As Flowers Fade and Fly Across the Sky 花謝花飛花滿天 Hua Mantian [13]
2018 Age Of Rebellion 翻牆的記憶 Gao Yi [14]
2019 Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Han Lin [15]
2019 Sword Dynasty 剑王朝 Wang Jingmeng [16]
2019 Teresa Teng 邓丽君之我只在乎你 Wang Zhongwen [17]
2019 Standardized Life 标化人生 Wen Zhe [18]
2020 Sui Sui Qing Lian 岁岁青莲 He Lianxin

[19] [20]




Year English Title Chinese Title Album Notes
1998 "Two Person's World" 兩人世界 Don't Wear High Heels with Shirley Yee
2005 "Die for Love" 殉情 Phantom Lover OST
"In Love With Each Other" 相愛
"Plucking Stars" 摘星 Starry Starry Night OST with Tammy Chen
"Song of Wind" 風之舞 Wind Warrior OST   with Gregory Wong, Roy Chiu and Zhong Yaokang
"Romance in the White House" 白屋之戀 Romance in the White House OST
2008 "Qing Guo Qing Cheng" 傾國傾城 N/A Theme song of CCTV program 《傾國傾城》
"Let The World Be Filled With Love 讓世界充滿愛 N/A with various artists; for earthquake charity relief
"Welcome to Beijing" 北京歡迎你 N/A with various artists; promotional song for 2008 Beijing Olympics
2009 "Smile and Say Hello" 微笑說你好 N/A with Vivian Hsu; promotional song for 2010 Shanghai World Expo
2010 "Just Be Fine" 好好就好 My Belle Boss OST with Jing Tian
"Pretense" 假面 Summer's Desire OST  
"I Remember I've Loved " 我記得我愛過(宿命版)
2011 "Next Year's Valentine's Day" 明年情人節 Ring Ring Bell OST with Della Ding
"End of a Rainbow" 彩虹的盡頭 Cold Steel OST
2012 "Life of an Overlord" 霸王命 King's War OST
2013 "Regret" 遺憾 Unconditional Love OST
"Wake Up Love" 叫醒愛 Shining Days OST
2014 "Havoc in the Heavenly Realms" 大鬧天宮 N/A Theme song of mobile game 《大鬧天宮HD》
"Leptis" 萊普帝斯LEPTIS Dream Attraction OST
2015 "A Love That is Realised Eventually" 後知後覺的愛 Beautiful Secret OST
"Kai Yun Zhang" 關雲長 N/A Theme song of mobile game 《關雲長》

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1999 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards Best New Male Prospect Award (Bronze) N/A Won
2004 4th China Television Arts Festival for "Top Ten Best" Top Ten Best Actors One Meter Sunshine Won
2007 5th Southeast Music Chart Awards All-Rounded Artist Award N/A Won
2008 Music Radio China Top Chart Awards Campus Favorite Award (Solo) N/A Won
2010 Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards Presentation Asia Popular Idol Award N/A Won
Mandarin Hit Songs "I Remember I've Loved" Won
8th Southeast Music Chart Awards Most Popular Singer N/A Won
4th Huading Awards Best Cross-over Artist N/A Won
2011 15th Chinese Music Awards Best TV Actor (Hong Kong/Taiwan) N/A Won
Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards Presentation Asia Popular Idol Award N/A Won
Mandarin Hit Songs "Walking Alone" Won
2014 1st Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China Best Actor King's War Won
2018 23rd Asian Television Awards Best Actor Age of Rebellion Nominated[21]


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