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Peter Hoskin (born 1984) is a British journalist. Hoskin is the Associate Editor of online magazine ConservativeHome and Co-Editor of the arts website Culture Kicks.[1][2]


Peter Hoskin was born in Oxford in 1984, and grew up in Wales. After finishing university, Hoskin became an economics researcher at the London-based public policy think-tank Reform, before moving to The Spectator in 2008 to edit their daily political blog Coffee House until he left in June 2012 to join ConservativeHome as Associate Editor. He was replaced by Isabel Hardman .[3]

Hoskin advocates a set of policies he calls "Robin Hood conservatism", focusing on "welfare, environmentalism and small-scale localism".[1] Hoskin has written for various publications, including The Times, The Daily Beast, The Tatler, The Guardian and the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs.[1][4]

Hoskin was also an arts and culture writer for "The Spectator and currently "Culture Kicks", focusing on films.[5] He lists his favourite directors as Jacques Tourneur, Josef von Sternberg and John Ford. Hoskin co-authored "The Spectator’s 50 Essential Films" alongside former Spectator editor Matthew d'Ancona.[6]


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