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Peter V. Jones MBE (1942–) is a Cambridge graduate with a doctorate on Homer.[1] He is a former senior lecturer in Classics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and co-founded with Jeannie Cohen the Friends of Classics charity.[2] He used to be a teacher but is now employed as a writer, journalist and broadcaster.

Spokesman for the national Co-ordinating Committee for Classics, Jones penned the series QED and Eureka for the Daily Telegraph. These pieces were subsequently published as Learn Latin and Learn Ancient Greek by Duckworth, which has also accounted for his Classics in Translation (again from the Daily Telegraph) and Ancient and Modern (from his weekly column in The Spectator). Jones has collaborated for Cambridge on Reading Greek and Reading Latin.

He has published a book called "Vote For Caesar" (2008) about how ancient civilisations have solved the problems of today. Awarded the MBE in 1983, Jones has written numerous tomes and essays on Homer.



  • Jones, Peter (2008). Vote for Caesar : how the Ancient Greeks and Romans solved the problems of today. London: Orion. 

Ancient and Modern columns in The Spectator[edit]

  • Jones, Peter (4 January 2014). "Why does the year start in January?". Ancient and Modern. The Spectator 324 (9671): 12. 

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