Peter Kagayi

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Peter Kagayi
BornPeter Kagayi
Jinja, Uganda
OccupationWriter, teacher
EducationBachelor of Laws
Alma materMakerere University
Notable worksThe headline that morning and other poems

Peter Kagayi is a Ugandan poet,[1] lawyer[2] and teacher.[3] He is the author of a collection of poems, The headline that morning and other poems.[4] He has served as the Anglophone Coordinator at Writivism,[5][6][7] and President of The Lantern Meet of Poets.[8]

Background and education[edit]

Kagayi was born in Jinja District in Uganda,[9] to Alimwingiza David and Namusobya Ruth. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University.[10][11]

He is one of the leading performance poets in Uganda.[12] He has performed with The Lantern Meet of Poets[13] and held a solo poetry performance, "The audience must say Amen".[14] He is the founder and curator of a poetry platform, "The Poetry Shrine", held at the National Theatre in Kampala.[15] His book, The headline that morning and other poems, was published in 2016.[16] Kagayi also writes and performs as part of Kitara Nation, a group of writers and performers based in Kampala. Ugandan poets Daniel Omara, Fahima Babirye, Hawa Nanjobe, Andrew Tuusah and Begumya Rushongoza are also part of the group.


Poetry collections[edit]

  • The Headline that morning and other poems. Sooo many stories. 2016. ISBN 9789970956005.


  • "In 2065"
  • "Last night I told a stranger about you"


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