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Peter Kiewit Institute
Peter Kiewit Institute
Established 1996 (1996)
Type Professional school
Academic affiliation University of Nebraska
Location Omaha, Nebraska, United States41°14′50″N 96°01′00″W / 41.24722°N 96.01667°W / 41.24722; -96.01667Coordinates: 41°14′50″N 96°01′00″W / 41.24722°N 96.01667°W / 41.24722; -96.01667

The Peter Kiewit Institute is a facility in Omaha, Nebraska that houses academic programs from both the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Engineering and the University of Nebraska at Omaha's College of Information Science and Technology.

Founded in 1996 in partnership with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and companies in the private sector, PKI's goal is "to help meet the needs of the nation's technology and engineering firms by providing a top-flight education to students interested in pursuing careers in information science, technology and engineering."[1]

The Holland Computing Center, which houses the Firefly supercomputer, is located inside of the institute.[2]


  • College of Information Science and Technology – University of Nebraska at Omaha[3]
  • College of Engineering – University of Nebraska – Lincoln[4]

Degrees Offered[edit]

Information Science and Technology

From the University of Nebraska at Omaha


From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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