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Peter Kindersley (born 1941) was the co-founder of the publishing company Dorling Kindersley and ran it with Christopher Dorling from 1974, until he sold his family stake for £105m in 2000. The firm's lavishly illustrated non-fiction reference books for adults and children were soon marketed globally and translated into many languages. In 2006, the Kindersley family, with Peter at the head, bought the UK based ethical organic health and beauty company, Neal's Yard Remedies.

Early life and career[edit]

Kindersley was the son of David Kindersley the stonecutter and typeface designer, and his first wife Christine. He attended King Edward VI School, Norwich and the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts where he met his wife Juliet. He then worked for an advertising agency and from 1969 to 1974 as art director for the publishers Mitchell Beazley, where he was notable for designing the popular illustrated manual The Joy of Sex. He then co-founded Dorling Kindersley with Christopher Dorling.

Organic farming[edit]

Kindersley is very concerned about environmental sustainability, biodiversity and ecological issues. He runs a 2,250 acre (911 ha) organic farm (Sheepdrove Organic farm) in Berkshire which includes an Eco Conference Centre. The farm produces organic free-range pigs, chickens, beef and lamb and he has his own butcher’s shops in London and Bristol. He has a battery electric G-Wiz car.

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