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Hillsong Church has produced hundreds of Christian songs on albums since 1992 on more than fifty albums, mostly under their own label, Hillsong Music. This is a list of Hillsong's notable worship leaders and musicians who have written, sung, and/or played instruments on one or more albums.

Current worship leaders[edit]

Taya Smith[edit]

Taya has been at Hillsong since the late 2000's to early 2010's. She started on Hillsong's youth band Hillsong Young & Free then she went on to sing on some Hillsong United albums and some Hillsong Worship albums.

Reuben Morgan[edit]

Morgan serves as Hillsong's worship pastor, replacing Darlene Zschech in 2008. Originally, alongside Marty Sampson, he was asked by Zschech to start a youth worship band for the church which is now known as Hillsong United. He has written the majority of Hillsong's newer songs and is also the Worship Pastor at Hillsong London.

  • Songs Include:"All the Heavens"; "Blessed"; "Eagles Wings"; "Highest"; "I Adore"; "I Give You My Heart"; "My Redeemer Lives"; "Still"; "This Is How We Overcome"; "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth"; "What the Lord has Done in Me"; "You Are Near"; "Hear Our Praises"; "You Alone Are God"; "Mighty to Save"; "You Are My Strength"; "This Is Our God"; "With All I Am"; "At The Cross"; "Believe"; "Yahweh"; "God is Able"; "With Us"; "Awakening"; "Cornerstone"; "Hope Of The World"; "All My Hope"; "Stand In Awe"; "Love Knows No End"; "Love So High"; "Christ is Enough"; "Closer"; "We Glorify Your Name"; "You Crown the Year (Psalm 65:11)"; "Lift You Higher"; "Calvary"; "My Story"; "Jesus I Need You";"I Will Boast In Christ"

Joel Houston[edit]

Houston is one of the worship leaders at Hillsong. He is the eldest son of Hillsong's Senior Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston, and has been writing songs for Hillsong for many years. Originally he was a guitar player for Hillsong United and soon became United's Worship Leader after Reuben Morgan & Marty Sampson joined the main Hillsong Band.[1] Joel currently serves as Hillsong's Creative Director and is currently the Co-Lead Pastor of Hillsong New York City when it opened in October 2010.

  • Songs Include: "Everyday"; "For This Cause"; "My Best Friend"; "One Way"; "Salvation Is Here"; "Tell the World"; "The Time Has Come"; "From The Inside Out"; "The Stand"; "No One Like You"; "The Freedom We Know"; "Point of Difference"; "Desperate People"; "Solution"; "Never Let Me Go"; "In The Mystery"; "Beautiful Exchange"; "You"; "Aftermath"; "Tear Down The Walls"; No Reason To Hide"; "With Everything"; "Father; "Take Heart"; "Rise"; "Children Of The Light"; "Up in Arms"; "Stay and Wait"; "Arise"; "Glorious Ruins"; "You Never Fail"...

Brooke Fraser Ligertwood[edit]

Brooke in recent years has been a part of the Hillsong team after moving to Australia from New Zealand. She is also a famous New Zealand singer/songwriter, performing under her maiden name as Brooke Fraser. She has sung on both Hillsong Live albums alongside Darlene Zschech and as a part of Hillsong United with Joel Houston.

  • Songs Include: "None but Jesus"; "Revolution"; "Lead Me to the Cross"; "Hosanna"; "Lord of lords"; "You'll Come"; "Desert Song"; "Soon"; "I Will Exalt You"; "Like Incense (Sometimes by Step)"; "Beneath the Waters (I will Rise); "Man of Sorrows"; "To be Like You"; "You Crown the Year (Psalm 65:11)"; "Depths"; "Our Father"; "Love on the Line"; "Transfiguration"; "Jesus I Need You"; "What A Beautiful Name"

Marty Sampson[edit]

Sampson was one of Hillsong's key musicians and songwriters. Alongside Reuben Morgan, he originally led Hillsong's youth band Hillsong United, and then led worship in the main Hillsong Band alongside Darlene Zschech and Morgan. Marty Sampson has not featured in the albums Cornerstone, Glorious Ruins. However, he is back in the albums No Other Name and Open Heaven/River Wild. Recently he has led worship at two of Hillsong New York City's Focus Nights alongside the Hillsong team as well as sung and written new songs on Hillsong United's album Aftermath including singing on the title track. He helps lead worship at one of the many Hillsong extension services.

  • Songs Include: "By Your Side"; "Carry Me"; "Forever"; "My Best Friend"; "You Are My World"; "Now That You're Near"; "Son Of God"; "King of Majesty"; "Better Than Life"; "To the Ends of The Earth"; "Free"; "Hallelujah"; "Home"; "Take All of Me"; "God He Reigns"; "God Is Great"; "There is Nothing Like"; "What the World Will Never Take"; "Tell the World"; "Came to My Rescue"; "Take It All"; "For Who You Are"; "I'm Not Ashamed"; "In your Freedom"; "One Thing"; "Saviour King"; "Light Will Shine"; "All I need is You"; "Depths"; "O Praise The Name (Anastasis)"; "Open Heaven (River Wild)"


Darlene Zschech[edit]

Writer of Shout To The Lord, one of the most famous Christian songs in the world,[2] [3] Darlene Zschech is the most well-known of Hillsong's musicians. She is the former worship pastor (1995–2007) and is the longest-serving member of Hillsong's worship team. She and her husband, Mark, became the new senior pastors of Hope Unlimited Church on the Central Coast of New South Wales. She continues, however, to be part of Hillsong Church and remains a key member of the church's senior leadership team alongside Hillsong's senior pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston. Zschech continues to lead worship at key Hillsong events throughout the year, including being a part of the executive team for both the Colour Your World Women's Conference and the annual Hillsong Conference, while also continuing to lead tours with the Hillsong Team around the world. Darlene still remains the Senior Lead Vocal on all of Hillsong's annual Live Albums and many other Hillsong songs, including recently Hillsong's newest Single "It is Well with My Soul", a remake of the traditional Hymn with all the proceeds going towards the victims of the 2011 Queensland Floods.[4] Darlene also continues to host the Creative Worship stream at Hillsong Conference, and has written over 80 songs of praise and worship that have been published by Hillsong Music alone.

  • Songs Include: "Shout To The Lord"; "All Things Are Possible"; "Blessed"; "My Hope"; "And That My Soul Knows Very Well"; "The Potter's Hand"; "Abba, Father"; "I Will Run To You"; "Worthy Is the Lamb"; "One Thing"; "At The Cross"; "His Glory Appears"; "Your Name"; "Thats's What We Came Here For"; "Praise His Holy Name"; "Lord I Give Myself"; "High And Lifted Up"; "It Is You"; "Believe"; "Cry of the Broken"; "I Desire Jesus"

Geoff Bullock[edit]

Geoff Bullock wrote most of the songs on the earlier albums. He was Hillsong's first Worship Pastor but was replaced by Darlene Zschech after he left Hillsong in the mid-1990s.

  • Songs Include: "Have Faith in God"; "The Power of Your Love"; "This Kingdom"; "You Rescued Me"; "Stone's Been Rolled Away"; "Salvation"; "I Will Never Be"; "Show Your Glory"; "Revival"; "The Heavens Shall Declare"; "I Surrender"; "Have Faith In God"; "You Rescued Me"; "Now Is The Time"; "I'll Worship You"; "Holy One Of God"; "Refresh My Heart"; "Days Of Latter Rain"; "The Great Southland"

Miriam Webster[edit]

Miriam Webster has written many songs and has been singing on Hillsong albums since 1997. She has been featured as the lead vocal for several songs alongside Darlene Zschech. She has recently[when?] moved to minister in the United States but also sang in a Medley of Classic Hillsong songs at the 25th anniversary celebrations of Hillsong Conference.

  • Songs incIude: "Dwelling Places"; "Jesus Won It All"; "Made Me Glad"; "Most Holy"; "Welcome in this Place"; "You Are Faithful"; "The Only Name"; "Do What You Say"; "Exceeding Joy"; "I Will Love"; "It Is He"

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