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Peter Kolosimo with his wife Caterina in their house in Turin, Italy, about 1972.

Peter Kolosimo, pseudonym of Pier Domenico Colosimo (15 December 1922 – 23 March 1984), was an Italian journalist and writer. He is ranked amongst the founders of pseudoarchaeology (in Italian: fantarcheologia), a controversial topic which aims to study the origins of ancient civilizations using theories and methods not accepted by the scientific community. He also popularised ancient astronaut theories of contact between extraterrestrial beings and ancient human civilizations.[1]


Of Italian-American origins, he was born in Modena, and lived in Bolzano, Turin and Milan. In 1969 he won the Premio Bancarella, one of Italy's most prestigious literary prizes, for Non è terrestre ("Not of this World"). His books were translated in 60 countries, including Russia, Japan and China.

Kolosimo also founded and coordinated the Italian Association for Prehistoric Studies (ASP).[2]

He died in Milan in 1984.


Kolosimo's claims about ancient astronauts influencing human civilizations are considered to be pseudohistory.[3]

In a critical three part review for Kolosimo's Not of This World, Jason Colavito has noted that the book fabricated evidence, mistranslated sources and conflated science fiction and fact. In the book Kolosimo had claimed that some of H. P. Lovecraft's fictional ideas were factual. According to Colavito "the book, overall, is a discursive pile of Fortean nonsense in the very worst of the European tradition."[4]

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