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Peter LeMarc
Peter LeMarc 2016-06-03 001.jpg
Background information
Birth name Lenn Marc Fransson
Born (1958-10-23) 23 October 1958 (age 59)
Trollhättan, Sweden
Genres Pop
Years active 1979–present

Peter LeMarc (or Lemarc; born Lenn Marc Fransson, 23 October 1958) is a Swedish singer and songwriter.[1]

After enjoying a hugely popular career from 1987 to 1997, and after a hiatus, he enjoyed a comeback starting 2003 onwards with a series of new albums reaching the top of the Swedish Albums Chart.

In addition to a prolific solo career, he also wrote a number of songs for a variety of artists including Anna-Lotta Larsson, Jerry Williams, Totta Näslund, Christina Lindberg and Sven-Ingvars and produced the Eldkvarn album Limbo.

Personal life[edit]

He was born Lenn Marc Fransson in Trollhättan, carrying the double name Lennart (Lenn) (his father's preference) and Marcus (Marc) (his mother's preference). He later changed his name legally to Peter Fransson. But when he moved to Gothenburg and started recording, it was discovered that there was already an existing singer with Zorry, a rock band, who was called Peter Fransson. So, he adopted the stage name Peter LeMarc instead.

His father died early of cancer in 1977. This greatly affected him and he would return to the subject in many of his songs, notably "Jag ska gå hel ur det här", "Närmare gränsen" and "Drivved".

Peter LeMarc has announced that he also has cancer, and performed his last concert at the Stockholm Music & Arts festival in August 2014[2]


Peter LeMarc receives Grammisaward for Best Vocalist of the Year on 20 February 2013 in Cirkus, Stockholm


Year Album Chart
1987 Peter LeMarc 6
1988 Närmare gränsen 2
1990 Välkommen hem 5
1991 Sången dom spelar när filmen är slut 6
1992 Det finns inget bättre 4
1995 Bok med blanka sidor 1
1997 Nio broars väg 5
2003 Det som håller oss vid liv 1
2005 Sjutton sånger - LeMarc sjunger LeMarc 1
2007 Kärlek i tystnadens tid 3
2012 Svag doft av skymning
(credited as Peter Lemarc)
2016 Den tunna tråden 2
Live albums
Year Album Chart
1993 Buona Sera! 12
2008 LeMarc Live! 6
Compilation albums
Year Album Chart
1992 Hittegods, fångade sånger & stulna ögonblick 1986-1992 23
Mannen i mitten
1995 Hittegods 1986-1992 47
1996 Lemarxism 1986-1996 9
Lemarcologi 1986-1996 2
2009 Klassiker 4
2010 Starkare än ord, samtliga album 1987-2008 22


Year Single Chart
Certification Album
1987 "Håll om mig" 11
1990 "Mellan dej och mej" 20
1991 "Little Willie John" 37
"Sången dom spelar när filmen är slut" 27
1996 "Starkare än ord" 38
2003 "Det som håller oss vid liv" 3
2004 "Så långt mina armar räcker" 18
2005 "Älskad från första stund" 14
"Marias kyrka" 60
2007 "Så gott att må gott igen" 50


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