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Peter Leitch (born August 19, 1944 in Montreal, Canada[1]) is a Canadian jazz guitarist who has performed with Kirk Lightsey, Rufus Reid, Al Grey, Jeri Brown, Pepper Adams, Pete Yellin, and Dominique Eade.[2][3]

Peter Leitch announced his retirement on July 21, 2015, via Facebook: "Due to a series of medical issues it is extremely unlikely that I will ever play the guitar again. I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to all those people who have enjoyed, bought, listened to, stolen (lol) or otherwise picked up on the music. The recordings (most of them) are still out there and available. I would also like to thank, of course, those great musicians who collaborated in the making of this music. The music on Sunday nights at Walkers is, for the time being, under the direction of bassist Sean Smith, with the exception of July 26 (bassist Harvie S)."


As leader[edit]

  • Jump Street (Jazz House, 1981)
  • Sometime in Another Life (Jazz House, 1982)
  • On a Misty Night (Criss Cross, 1986)
  • Red Zone (Reservoir, 1988)
  • Exhilaration (Reservoir, 1988)
  • Mean What You Say (Concord Jazz, 1990)
  • Portraits and Dedications (Criss Cross, 1990)
  • Trio/Quartet '91 (Concord Jazz, 1991)
  • From Another Perspective (Concord Jazz, 1992)
  • A Special Rapport (Reservoir, 1993)
  • Colours & Dimensions (Reservoir, 1995)
  • Duality (Reservoir, 1994)
  • Up Front (Reservoir, 1997)
  • Blues on the Corner (Reservoir, 2000)
  • Autobiography (Reservoir, 2004)
  • Self Portrait (Jazz House, 2007)
  • California Concert (Jazz House, 2013)[4]

As sideman[edit]

With Dominique Eade

  • When the Wind Was Cool

With Oscar Peterson

With Woody Shaw


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